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Total Recall (1990)

by Ronald Shusett and Dan O'Bannon and Gary Goldman.
Based on the short story by Philip K. Dick "We Can Remember It For You Wholesale"
Final script, August 22, 1989.

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  1 EXT. MARS RED ROCK DESERT (DREAM SEQ.#1) - DAY                   1

    RED!  A vacant, epic expanse of glowing crimson.

    TWO MOONS rise into frame, floating over the jagged peaks
    of distant mountains.  We are PANNING DOWN to the endless
    red plains of MARS.

  2 EXT. MARS RED ROCK DESERT (DREAM SEQ.#1) - DAY                   2

    TWO PEOPLE in space suits walk across the Mars surface, down a
    slope, across a flat area and up onto a small ridge.  They
    stand and look out over the Mars landscape.  They reach for
    each other's hand and look at each other.
              I love you.

              I love you.

    Then they hug each other and walk off.

  3 EXT. MARS RED ROCK DESERT (DREAM SEQ.#1) - DAY                   3

    Quaid walks from the precipice down a gradual slope.  The
    ground gives way underneath him.  He falls.  His visor hits
    a rock.  A small crack spreads, and the visor blows out.

    Quaid starts to decompress.  HHHHNh!  His breath is drawn
    out.  His face puffs up.  Veins stand out in his skin.  His
    eyes bulge.  His tongue protrudes.  His nose and eyelids

    The woman rushes to him.  She kneels down over him.  They
    clasp hands.  His eyes explo...

  4                                                                  4
thru OMITTED                                                       thru
  5                                                                  5

  6 INT. QUAID'S BEDROOM - DAY                                       6

    Quaid wakes in bed, sweaty and panting.

    A beautiful woman wakes up next to him.  She's not the
    brunette from before, but a stunning blonde amazon -- LORI.

              Doug?  are you all right?

    He's still disoriented.

                        LORI (CONT'D)
              You were dreaming.  It's O.K.

    Quaid starts to come back to reality.  Lori presses a button
    and opaque walls dissolve into transparent windows.  WHITE
    LIGHT gradually fills the dark room, and the city becomes
    visible outside.

                        LORI (CONT'D)
              Was it about Mars?

    Quaid nods, troubled.  Lore wipes the sweat from his brow.

              Is that better?


              Poor baby.  This is getting to be an

    Lori caresses him, comforting, then erotic.  Her lips dwell on
    his muscular chest.  He starts to relax.

              Was she there?

    Amused, Quaid plays dumb.


              The brunette.  The one you told me

              Lori, I don't believe it...You're
              jealous of a dream!

    Lori punches Quaid in the stomach, and they wrestle playfully
    but rough.

              Who is she?


                   (down onto him)
              What's her name?

              I don't know.

              Tell me!

    Lori straddles Quaid, and he laughs so hard he can't defend

              It's not funny, Doug.  You dream about
              her every night.

              But I'm always home by morning.

    Quaid grabs Lori's wrists and immobilizes her in the infamous
    pretzel grip.

              Let me go!

              Aw, come on, baby...You're the girl
              of my dreams.

    She stops resisting.

              ...You mean it?

              You know I do.

    Quaid lets her go, and Lori entwines him in her long, athletic

              I'll give you something to dream about.

  7 INT. QUAID'S KITCHEN/LIVING ROOM - DAY                           7

    TWO LARGE BANANAS are liquified as they pass through a juicer
    into a half-gallon pitcher.

    Dressed for heavy construction work, Quaid makes the POWER
    SHAKE to end all power shakes.  He grinds up fruits,
    vegetables, buts, wheat germ, leftovers, several kinds of
    powder.  He pours in a dozen shelled eggs--glubglubglub--from
    a carton.  Then he mixes it all together in a forty-horsepower
    blender.  ZEEEEEEEE!

    Meanwhile, The NEWS drones in the background.

                        NEWSCASTER (O.S.)
              On the war front, Northern Block
              satellites incinerated a shipyard in
              Bombay, starting a fire that swept
              throughout the city.  Civilian
              casualties are estimated to exceed ten
              thousand.  The Chairman defended the
              attack, calling space-based weapons
              the only effective defense against the
              Southern Block's numerical superiority.

    Quaid gulps down his breakfast directly from his jumbo pitcher
    and walks over to the flat, wall-sized HIGH DEFINITION

              And more violence last night on Mars...

    Quaid lowers the pitcher, watches with attention, and walks
    over to the table.

    ON TV, FIREFIGHTERS put out a blaze at a MINE as ARMORED
    SOLDIERS brutally beat back a crowd of MINERS.  The Mine is
    enclosed under a glass "DOME".

                        NEWSCASTER (O.S.)(CONT'D)
              ...where terrorists demanding
              independence once again halted
              extraction of turbinium ore.

    Lori comes out of the bathroom and walks behind Quaid to the
    kitchen.  She tensely watches the news as she makes her

    In a small corner of the TV screen, we see a STILL PHOTO OF
    VILOS COHAAGEN, a middle-aged man of commanding presence and
    obvious intelligence.

                        NEWSCASTER (CONT'D)
              With one mine already closed, Mars
              Administrator Vilos Cohaagen vowed that
              troops would be used, if necessary,
              to keep production at full capacity.
              At the press conference, he emphasized

    As the INSERT OF COHAAGEN expands to fill the screen, Lori
    presses the remote control.  BONK.  The TV screen transforms
    into an ENVIRONMENTAL WINDOW that look out onto a virgin

              No wonder you have nightmares.  You're
              always watching the news.

    Quaid and Lori sit down and eat breakfast.


              Yeah, sweetheart?

              Let's do it.

              Do what?

              Move to Mars.

    She stops buttering the bread.

              Honey, do you have to spoil a perfectly
              wonderful morning.

              Just think about it.

                   (exasperated, but sweet)
              Sweetheart, we've been through this
              a million times.  You'd hate it on Mars.
              It's dry; it's ugly; it's boring!  --I
              mean, really, a revolution could break
              out there any minute.

              Cohaagen says it's just a few

              And you believe him?

              All right, forget about it.

    Quaid clicks on the remote control.  The FOREST PRIMEVAL is

                        REPORTER (O.S.)
              Do you want to give them independence?

              Absolutely not.  Mars was colonized
              by the Northern Block at enormous
              expense.  Our entire war effort depends
              on their turbinium.

    Lori straddles Quaid seductively, obscuring his view.

              Doug, maybe we should take a trip.

              Lori, move.

              There's lots nicer places than Mars.

              ...and it's ridiculous to think we're
              going to give it away just because a
              bunch of lazy mutants think they own
              the planet.

              What about Saturn?  Don't you wanna
              see Saturn?  Everybody says it's

    Quaid stretches to see around Lori.  She playfully leans with

              Any comment, sir, on the rumor you
              closed the Pyramid Mine because you
              found alien artifacts inside?

    Cohaagen and the reporters all chuckle.

              We could take one of those lonnng space
              cruises.  The kind with nothing to do.

    Lori traps him into a lonnng kiss.

              Pat, I wish we could find some nice
              alien artifacts.  Our tourist industry
              could use a boost... -- But the fact
              is, it's Mr. Kuato and his terrorists
              who spread these rumors, to undermine
              trust in the government.

    Back to the studio.

              That's it for the news.  Stay tuned
              for Christine and the weather.  But
              first this.

    COMMERCIAL for American Express: "Don't leave Earth without

    Lori finally ends the kiss.

              Well...What do you say?

              I'm late.

    Quaid trudges to the door, discouraged.  Concerned, Lori
    catches him before he can leave.

              Sweetheart...I know it's hard being
              in a new town, but let's at least give
              it a chance here.  Okay?

              Lori, don't you understand?  I feel
              I was meant for something more than
              this.  I want to do something with my
              life.--I want to be somebody.

    Lori strokes his cheek and looks into his eyes adoringly.

              You are somebody.  You're the man I


    Quaid hugs Lori hard, grateful for her love and support, but
    he's still, somehow, unsatisfied.  They kiss good-bye, and
    Lori watches him head down the hallway to work.

                        LORI (CONT'D)
              Have a nice day.

  8 OMITTED                                                          8

  9 EXT. THE COMMONS - DAY                                           9

    Quaid joins the bustling crowd of school children and
    commuters who scurry like ants in all directions through the
    central plaza/transportation hub of this futuristic community.

    Quaid follows signs down to the Subway.

 10 OMITTED                                                          10

 11 INT. SUBWAY STATION - SECURITY LOBBY - DAY                       11

    Commuters file past wall-sized PANELS.  On the other side,
    GUARDS screen them for concealed weapons.  PAN with Quaid
    as he approaches the checkpoint.

    BEHIND X-RAY PANEL as Quaid passes behind the X-ray panel,
    he and other commuters become WALKING SKELETONS.  A few steps
    later, the skeletons emerge from behind the screen, opaque
    human beings once again.

 12 OMITTED                                                          12


    IN A CROWD, Quaid moves forward, one sardine among many, and
    boards a subway car.

 14 INT. SUBWAY CAR - DAY                                            14

    The doors close behind him and Quaid walks to the side where
    TV COMMERCIALS play on a row of flat MONITORS.

    ON TV, A CABBIE, in an old-fashioned checkered cap, turns
    to the back seat and addresses the CAMERA.

              Thanks for taking JohnnyCab.  I hope
              you enjoyed the ride.

    This commercial ends, and the next one begins.

    A HAPPY FELLOW lies next to a SEXPOT on a round bed.  The
    bedroom is under a glass dome at the bottom of the ocean.
    Outside, colorful fish swim around .

                        NARRATOR (O.S.)
              Do you dream of a vacation at the bottom
              of the ocean...

    JUMP CUT:  The Fellow now appears in a poverty level
    apartment, alone, surrounded by a pile of bills.

                        NARRATOR (O.S.)
              ...but you can't float the bill?
    A SOPHISTICATED WOMAN skis to a stop next to a flock of

                        NARRATOR (O.S.)
              Would you like to ski Antarctica...

    JUMP CUT:  The same woman, now in an office, is surrounded
    by ten employees, all demanding decisions.

                        NARRATOR (O.S.)
              ...but you're snowed under with work?

    A SPORTSMAN in a space suit climbs up the pyramidal mountain
    from Quaid's dream.

                        NARRATOR (O.S.)
              Have you always wanted to climb the
              mountains of Mars...

    JUMP CUT:  The Sportsman is now an OLD MAN creeping up a

                        NARRATOR (O.S.)
              ...but now you're over the hill?  --Then
              come to Rekall, Incorporated...


    Rapid PULLBACK to FACE OF DR. EDGEMAR, a professional
    gentleman.  He is the narrator we've been hearing.

                        DR. EDGEMAR
              ...where you can buy the memory of your
              ideal vacation, cheaper, safer, and
              better than the real thing.

    Discover Dr. Edgemar ON A BEACH at SUNSET.  He walks over
    to a Rekall IMPLANT CHAIR, floating over the water, and sits

                        DR. EDGEMAR
              So don't let life pass you by.  Call
              Rekall:  For the memory of a lifetime.
              Reeeeeeekallll... RekallRekallRekall

    As a CHORUS OF SIRENS chants dreamily on, Dr. Edgemar opens his
    cupped hands.  A butterfly flutters out.

    SUPERIMPOSE Rekall LOGO and a twelve-digit PHONE NUMBER.

    Quaid is intrigued.

 15 EXT. CONSTRUCTION SITE - DAY                                     15

    GRRRRRRRR!!  Futuristic DRILLHAMMERS grind a concrete surface
    to bits.

    Quaid's taut muscles glisten with sweat as he and several
    WORKERS excavate a rocky building site.  The others struggle
    to control the powerful tool, but Quaid wields his drillhammer
    like an artist, working twice as fast with half the effort.

    Quaid shouts at HARRY, a middle-aged buddy with a beer belly,
    likeable face, and Brooklyn accent.

              Hey Harry...Harry!  You ever heard of


              They sell fake memories.

              Oh, Rekall.


                   (stops drilling)
              You thinkin' of goin' there?

    Quaid also takes a break, leaning on his drillhammer, which
    HISSES in neutral.

              I don't know.  Maybe.

              Well don't.

    Quaid is surprised, even challenged, by the intensity of
    Harry's reaction.

              Why not?

              A friend of mine tried one of their
              "special offers"...Nearly got himself

              No shit...

              Don't fuck with your brain, pal.  It
              ain't worth it.

    Harry and Quaid rev up their hammers.

              I guess you're right.

    They resume drilling.

 16 EXT. REKALL BUILDING - DAY                                       16

    Quaid walks through an almost desolate plaza and enters
    through the glass doors.

 17 INT. REKALL BUILDING/LOBBY - DAY                                 17

    Quaid walks to the CONSOLE in the center of the floor.

    from a long list of names.  The screen displays the location
    and personnel.

 18 INT. REKALL RECEPTION - DAY                                      18

    CLOSE ON:  A YOUNG WOMAN'S HANDS.  A white stylus touches
    each fingernail, and red pigment instantly saturates the
    entire surface.  RACK FOCUS to Quaid, who enters in the


    TIFFANY, a bored, ornamental receptionist hides her
    paraphernalia and greets Quaid.  She sits in front of a large

                   (big smile)
              Good afternoon.  Welcome to Rekall.

              Douglas Quaid.  I have an appointment.

    Tiffany checks a schedule and finds his name.

              Okay.  Just a moment, Mr. Quaid.

              Thank you.

    Tiffany speaks to a salesman on the VIDEO INTERCOM.  We see
    him on the screen.

                        TIFFANY (CONT'D)
              Bob, Douglas Quaid is here to see you.
                   (listens, hangs up)
              It'll just be a minute.

              Thank you.

    Quaid ambles around the room, perusing VIDEO TRAVEL POSTERS
    for imaginary vacations.  Tiffany watches him with interest.
    A moment later, BOB McCLANE enters.  He's a former high school

              Doug...Bob McClane.

              Nice to meet you.

              Good to see ya. Right this way.

    McClane shakes Quaid's hand and leads him away.  Meanwhile,
    Tiffany diffidently changes the color of her fingernails again
    with a touch of the stylus.

 19 INT. MCCLANE'S OFFICE AT RECALL - DAY                            19

    McClane ushers Quaid into a stylishly decorated room.

              Have a seat, sit down, make yourself

    Quaid lowers himself into a sleek, futuristic chair.  McClane
    sits behind his desk.

                        MCCLANE (CONT'D)
              Now help me out here, Doug.  You were
              interested in a memory of...


              Right.  Mars.

              That a problem?

              To be perfectly honest with you, Doug,
              if outer space is your thing, I think
              you'd be much happier  with one of our
              Saturn cruises.Everybody raves about

              I'm not interested in Saturn.  I said

              Okay, you're the boss -- Mars it is.

    McClane types on his computer keyboard, and figures come up on
    his screen.

                        MCCLANE (CONT'D)
              Let's see...the basic Mars package will
              run you just eight hundred and
              ninety-nine credits.  That's for two
              full weeks of memories, complete in
              every detail.  --A longer trip'll run
              you a little more, cause you need a
              deeper implant.

              What's in the two week package?

              First of all, Doug, when you go Rekall,
              you get nothing but first class
              memories: private cabin on the shuttle;
              deluxe suite at the Hilton; plus all
              the major sights:  Mount Pyramid, the
              Grand Canals, and of course...

              How real does it seem?

              As real as any memory in your head.

              Come on, don't bullshit me.

              I'm telling you, Doug, your brain won't
              know the difference.  Guaranteed, or
              your money back.

              What about the guy you lobotomized...Did
              he get a refund?

                   (nervous laugh)
              You're talking ancient history, Doug.
              Nowadays, traveling with Rekall is safer
              than getting on a rocket.
              Look at the statistics.

    Numbers and graphs appear on the monitor.

              Besides, a real holiday's a big pain
              in the butt:  lost luggage, lousy
              weather, crooked taxi drivers.  When
              you go with Rekall, everything's
              perfect.  --So whaddaya say?

    Quaid ponders his decision.

              All right.

              Smart move.
              Now while you fill out the
              questionnaire, I'll familiarize you
              with some of our options.

              No options.

              Whatever you say...Just answer one
              question.  What is it that is exactly
              the same about every vacation you've
              ever taken?

    Quaid fills out the questionnaire on his video screen.

              I give up.

              You.  You're the same.
                   (pauses for effect)
              No matter where you go, there you are.
              Always the same old you.
                   (grins enigmatically)
              Let me suggest that you take a vacation
              from yourself.  I know it sounds wild,
              but it's the latest thing in travel.
              We call it an "Ego Trip".

              I'm not interested in that.

              You're gonna love this. --We offer you
              a choice of alternate identities during
              your trip.

    McClane pre-empts Quaid's questionnaire on the video monitor
    with CLOSE UP: the following list.

                        A-14  MILLIONAIRE PLAYBOY
                        A-15  SPORTS HERO
                        A-16  INDUSTRIAL TYCOON
                        A-17  SECRET AGENT

                        MCCLANE (O.S.)
              Face it...Why go to Mars as a tourist
              when you can go as a playboy, or a
              famous jock, or a...

              Secret agent...How much is that?

              Aaah, let me tantalize you.  You're a
              top operative, back under deep cover
              on your most important mission.  People
              are trying to kill you left and right.
              You meet a beautiful, exotic woman...

    McClane interrupts himself.

              Go on.

                   (sits back)
              I don't wanna spoil it for you, Doug.
              Just rest assured, by the time the trip
              is over, you get the girl, you kill
              the bad guys, and you save the entire
                   (smiles confidently)
              Now you tell me.  Is that worth three
              hundred measly credits?

    Quaid smiles reluctantly.  McClane's got him hooked.

 20 INT. REKALL - MEMORY STUDIO - DAY                                20

    Quaid sits in a "dentist's chair" in an office which is a
    cross between an operating room and a sound mixing booth.
    An IV tube is connected to the back of his hand, and he wears
    a GREEN SURGICAL SMOCK over his street cloths.

    ERNIE, a hyperactive young technician, lowers over Quaid's
    head a burnished metal bowl at the end of an elbow arm.  He
    has the air of an acid-head who's still out there.

              Just relax.  First trip?


    Ernie carefully aligns the complex scientific instrument and
    locks it in place.

              Don't worry.  Things hardly ever fuck

    The door opens and a bird-like, middle-aged woman enters in a
    stylish pants suit.  DR. LULL is too skinny and her hair is
    too red.  She treats Quaid with impersonal conviviality.

                        DR. LULL
              Good evening...
                   (checks video-chart)
              Doug.  I'm Dr. Lull.

              Nice to meet you.

    Dr. Lull flips through Quaid's computer chart.

                        DR. LULL
              Ernie, patch in matrix 62B, 37, and...
                   (looks at Quaid)
              Would you like us to integrate some
              alien stuff?

    In quick succession, Dr. Lull runs through a series of
    graphics on the computer screen representing "memory trip"
    cassette covers.  We see pictures of slimy green Martians.

              Two-headed monsters?

                        DR. LULL
              Don't you keep up with the news?  We're
              doing alien artifacts now.

    Dr. Lull and Quaid share a facetious smile.

              Sure.  Why not?

    The latest graphic appears on the screen:  a sophisticated
    archaeological dig inside a red cave.  Dr. Lull crosses the
    room to get another laser disk.  She tosses it to Ernie, who
    examines the cover art with interest before plugging it in.

              That's a new one.

    Dr. Lull fastens straps over Quaid to hold him in place and
    makes perfunctory conversation.

                        DR. LULL
              So, been married long?

              Eight years.

                        DR. LULL
              I see.  Slipping away for a little

              Not really.  I've just always been
              fascinated by Mars.

              All systems go.

                        DR. LULL
                   (fastens last strap)
              Then we're all set.

                        DR. LULL (CONT'D)
              Ready for dream land?

    Quaid nods and Dr. Lull shoots him in the neck with the
    medicine gun.

                        DR. LULL (CONT'D)
              I'll be asking you a few questions,
              Doug, as we can fine tune the ego
              program.  Answer honestly, and you'll
              enjoy yourself a whole lot more.

    Quaid begins to feel the effects of the anaesthetic.  Dr. Lull
    checks his vital signs.

                        DR. LULL (CONT'D)
              Your sexual orientation?


                        DR. LULL
                   (flips a switch)
              And how do you like your women?

    Quaid looks drowsily at a schematic female outline on a
    computer screen.  With each decision, the computer image
    adjusts to correspond to Quaid's taste.

                        DR. LULL (CONT'D)
              Blonde, brunette, redhead?


                        DR. LULL
              Slim, athletic, voluptuous?

    The schematic figures fills out, her breasts expanding to
    enormous size.


    The computer figure returns to more normal proportions.

                        DR. LULL
              Demure, aggressive, sleazy?  Be honest.

              Sleazy...and demure.

                        DR. LULL
                   (with certainty)
              Forty-one A, Ernie.

    Ernie inserts cassette 41A into his console.  The computer
    image seems very similar to the woman in Quaid's dream.

              Boy, is he gonna have a wild time.
              Won't wanna come back.

 21 INT. MCCLANES OFFICE - DUSK                                      21

    McClane is talking with another prospective client, a
    spinsterish, middle-aged woman, MISS LONELYHEARTS.

              So, what do you say?

                        MISS LONEYHEARTS
              I'm not so sure.
              But there won't be any souvenirs.

              Not true.  For just a few credits more,
              we supply T-shirts, snapshots of you
              at the sights, and letters from the
              handsome men you'll meet.

    The VIDEOPHONE rings, and Dr. Lull appears on his screen.

                        DR. LULL (LIVE FEED)

              What is it?

                        DR. LULL
              You better get down here.

    McClane rolls his eyes, as if in league with the customer
    against the company.

              I'm with an very important client.

                        DR. LULL
              Looks like another schizoid embolism.

    Miss Lonelyhearts is scandalized.  McClane stands and attempts
    a reassuring smile.

              I'll be right back.

                        MISS LONELYHEARTS
              Mr. McClane, Mr. McClane.

              Bob, what's wrong?

 22 INT. REKALL - MEMORY STUDIO - DUSK                               22

                   (to Tiffany)
              Don't let her leave

    McClane strides into the memory studio, ready to kick ass,
    but he pulls up short at what he sees and hears.

    Quaid shouts and thrashes about in the chair, violently
    struggling to break the straps that hold him down.  He's like
    a different person:  a caged animal.

              You're dead, all of you!  You blew my

    Terrified, Dr. Lull and Ernie keep a safe distance from Quaid.
    McClane is merely aggravated.

              What the fuck is going on here?!  You
              can't install a simple goddamn double

                        DR. LULL
              It's not my fault.  We hit a memory

              They'll be here any minute!  They'll
              kill you all!

              What's he talking about?

              Let me go!

    McClane walks up to Quaid and examines his eyes.

              Mr. Quaid, try and calm down.

    Quaid breaks the strap holding his right arm and grabs McClane
    by the throat.

                   (quietly menacing)
              My name's not Quaid.

    McClane, choking, tries to pry Quaid's hand from his neck,
    but he can't loosen the iron grip.

              Untie me.

    Ernie rushes over and unsuccessfully tries to wrestle Quaid's
    arm down, using his full body weight.  McClane's eyes are

    Dr. Lull frantically jabs a SYRINGE GUN into Quaid's thigh
    and fires dose after does until Quaid's grip weakens and he
    passes out.

    McClane falls to the ground, gagging.  Dr. Lull goes over
    to help him.

                        DR. LULL
              Are you all right?

    McClane shoves her away and gasps for breath.

                        DR. LULL (CONT'D)
              Listen to me!  He's been going on and
              on about Mars.
              He's really been there.

              Use your head, you dumb bitch!  He's
              acting out the secret agent role from
              his Ego Trip!

                        DR. LULL
              I'm afraid that's not possible.

              Why not?

                        DR. LULL
              We haven't implanted it yet.

    McClane falls silent.  Suddenly he's terrified.

              Oh shit....Oh shit...

                        DR. LULL
              I've been trying to tell you.  Someone
              erased his memory.

              Excuse me, someone?  We're talking the
              fucking Agency!

                        DR. LULL
              Shut up!

              Bob, the client's gone.

    WHACK!  Dr. Lull SLAPS Ernie across the face.  Her violent
    act shocks everyone to silence, including herself.  McClane
    tries to think.

              Okay, this is what we're gonna do.
              Renata, cover up any memory he has of
              us or Rekall.

                        DR. LULL
              I'll do what I can.  It's getting messy
              in there.

              Ernie, dump him in a cab.  Around the
              corner.  Tiffany, you help him.
                   (Ernie nods)
              I'll destroy his file and refund his
              And if anybody comes asking...we've
              never heard of Douglas Quaid.

                        DR. LULL
              Come on...put his head in place.

    They look at Quaid, sprawled unconscious in the chair.

 23 EXT./INT. TAXICAB - NIGHT (RAIN)                                 23

    Quaid, befuddles, slowly comes to his senses in the back seat.
    It's pouring RAIN outside.

              Where am I?

              You're in a JohnnyCab!

              I mean...what am I doing here?

    Through WINDSHIELD, we see that the Cabbie is a smiling
    robotic mannequin in an old-fashioned cabbie's uniform.  His
    vehicle is a JOHNNYCAB, the automated Checker Cab of the

              I'm sorry.  Would you please rephrase
              the question.

                   (impatient, enunciates)
              How did I get in this taxi?!

              The door opened.  You got it.

 24 EXT. THE COMMONS - NIGHT (RAIN)                                  24

    The JohnnyCab dives up to the commons.  Quaid exits the

              Thanks for taking JohnnyCab!  I hope
              you enjoyed the ride.

    Still woozy, he staggers down a covered walkway out of the
    pouring rain.  Harry, his buddy from work, approaches him.

              Hey, Quaid!


                   (claps Quaid on shoulder)
              How was your trip to Mars?

    Harry walks with Quaid toward the SECURITY GATE leading to
    his apartment complex.

              What trip?

              You went to Rekall, remember?

              I did?

              Yeah, you did.  I told you not to but
              you did anyway.

              What are you, my father?

              Let me buy you a drink.

              No, Harry, I'm already late...See you

    Suddenly, THREE LARGE MEN grab Quaid and rush him back
    downstairs to Harry who draws a gun.


    Quaid starts to put up a fight.

 25 INT. COMMONS - NIGHT (RAIN)                                      25

    Harry and the Agents march Quaid along an interior corridor.

              Harry, what the hell is this?

              Come on, let's go have that drink.

                        QUAID (CONT'D)
              What the fuck did I do wrong?!  Tell

              You blabbed, Quaid!  You blabbed about

              Are you crazy?!  I don't know anything
              about Mars.

 26 INT. COMMAND - NIGHT (RAIN)                                      26

    The goons throw Quaid against a wall and twist his arms behind
    his back.

              You shoulda listened to me, Quaid.
              I was there to keep you outta trouble.

              Harry, you're making a big mistake!
              You've got me mixed up with somebody

              Unh-uh, pal.  You've got yourself mixed
              up with somebody else.

    Harry starts to pull the trigger.  Quaid kicks with both legs
    -- one to Harry and one to the other Goon facing him.  Then he
    throws the goons holding him against the wall and cracks their
    heads together before throwing them aside.  Then he kicks
    Harry's gun out of his hand.

              Son of a bitch.

    Then Quaid kicks the goon to his right in the stomach, then
    knees him in the face.  Then he karate chops the goon to his
    left in the face.  Then he steps forward onto Harry's neck.
    Harry reaches up and Quaid grabs his arms and cracks his neck
    by pulling up.

    Then the kicked goon attacks Quaid by grabbing his neck.
    Quaid gains the advantage and cracks the goon's neck.

    Then he steps toward the karate chop goon who is attacking
    with Harry's gun.  Quaid wrestles the gun from his and shoots
    him in the back, drops him and shoots the last Goon and runs

 27 INT. QUAID'S LIVING ROOM/KITCHEN - NIGHT                         27

    Lori adjusts the HOLO-CONSOLE.  The image of a female TENNIS
    PLAYER pops up and executes a perfect swing.  Lori walks to
    the hologram and gets inside.  She imitates the movements
    of the holo-model, making minor adjustments to her form until
    they are completely IN SYNC.

    Bingo!  The hologram glows bright red and colors the room.

    The front door flies open, and Quaid enters, breathless.

              Hi, honey.

    Quaid darts around the apartment, crouched below window level,
    turning off every light in the place.

                        LORI (CONT'D)
              What are you doing?

              Some men just tried to kill me!

    Quaid turns a switch at the holo-console, and BZZZT!  The
    hologram disappears.  Lori stands there, alarmed, as Quaid
    keeps turning off lights.

              Muggers?!  Doug, are you all right?
              What happened?

              No!  Spies or something.  And Harry
              from work...Get down!

    Lori has stepped in front of a window.  Quaid drags her to
    the floor.

                        QUAID (CONT'D)
              Harry from work...He was the boss.

              Take it easy.  Tell me exactly what
              happened?  Why would "spies" want to
              kill you?

              I don't know!  It had something to do
              with Mars.

              Mars?  You've never even been to Mars.

              I know it sounds crazy, but I went to
              this Rekall place after work, and...

                   (grabs him)
              You went to those brain butchers?!

              Let me finish!

              What did they do to you?  Tell me!

              --I got a trip to Mars.

              Oh God, Doug.

              Forget Rekall, will you!  These men
              were going to kill me...

              Doug, nobody tried to kill you.

              They did!  But I killed them!

    Lori tries to lead Quaid to the sofa.

              Sweetheart, listen to me.  Those
              assholes at Rekall have fucked up your
              mind, and you're having paranoid

    Quaid holds up his hands, which are covered with blood.

              You call this a paranoid delusion?!


    Lori is stunned.  She doesn't know whether to be afraid for
    Quaid--or of him.

                        LORI (CONT'D)
              Doug, I'm calling a doctor.

    He dashes to the bathroom, keeping low.

 28 OMITTED                                                          28

 29 INT. QUAID'S LIVING ROOM/KITCHEN - NIGHT                         29

    Upset, Lori makes a videophone call.

                        QUAID (O.S.)
              Don't!  Don't call anybody!

    An imposing man appears on the videoscreen.

                        MAN (RICHTER, LIVE FEED)
              Hello.  How can I help?

 30 INT. QUAID'S BATHROOM - NIGHT                                    30

    Quaid shuts the door.  He looks at himself in the mirror.  He
    twists the faucet and washes the blood off his hands.  Quaid
    splashes water on his face, takes a deep breath, dries off,
    then opens the bathroom door.  Tracer bullets RIP into the
    dark bathroom, smashing the mirror, walls, and fixtures.  The
    photograph on the dresser explodes.

 31 INT. QUAID'S LIVING ROOM/KITCHEN - NIGHT                         31

    Quaid dives forward and scrambles into the living area, which
    is also in total darkness.

              Lori!  Run!

    Quaid hides behind the BAR, and peeks over the edge..  Bullets
    shatter bottles and glasses all around him.  He creeps around
    the bar and jumps toward the far wall.  His assailant fires
    and looks for him with a flashlight.  Quaid lands behind the
    dining table and goes for the chair next to the display
    shelves.  As his assailant fires again, Quaid throws a chair
    and runs after it to attack the assailant.  Their fighting
    silhouettes are visible against the window.

    A gun SKITTERS across the floor.  We hear a few meaty THUDS,
    then a painful GRUNT as someone's breath WHOOSHES out.

    A LIGHT comes on, and Quaid is standing there with one hand
    on the lamp switch and the other arm circling Lori's neck
    in a chokehold!

    Quaid is astonished.  Devastated.


    Lori elbows him in the ribs, hits him in the balls, then
    punches him in the face.  She then continues her assault on
    his pushing himbackwards along the kitchen counter.

    Quaid merely defends himself, unwilling to strike his wife.
    Under this handicap, he absorbs savage blows that would kill a
    lesser man.

    As Lori winds up for the coup de grace, he throws her over the
    counter.  She flies all the way to the kitchen, where she
    lies, dazed.

    Quaid recovers his breath.

                        QUAID (CONT'D)
              Lori, why are you doing this?

    Lori grabs a carving knife from the wall and charges Quaid.
    He tumbles away just in time.  She pursues him, doing her best
    to slice him open.  He disarms her, and Lori still tries to
    grab the gun on the floor.  Quaid gets to it first and holds
    the gun to her head.

    Lori remains stubbornly silent.  Crazed, Quaid shoves the
    gun barrel in her ear.

                        QUAID (CONT'D)
              Not talk!  I said TALK!!

              I'm not your wife.

              The hell you're not.

              I swear to God!...I never saw you before
              six weeks ago!  Our marriage is just
              a memory implant -- agghh!

              You think I'm an idiot?
              Remember our wedding?

              It was implanted by the Agency.

              And falling in love?


              Our friends, my job, eight years
              together, I suppose all this was
              implanted too?

              The job's real. -- But the Agency set
              it up.


    Quaid pushes Lori away, but keep his gun trained on her.

              They erased your identity and implanted
              a new one.  I was written in as your
              wife so I could watch you, make sure
              the erasure took. -- Sorry, Quaid.
              Your whole life is just a dream.

    Quaid tries to defend his sanity with an air of sarcasm.

              O.K. then.  If I'm not me, then who
              the hell am I?

              Beats me.  I just work here.

    Quaid sits in a chair and rubs his forehead, trying to decide
    what to do -- how to react.  Lori is suddenly sweet and

                        LORI (CONT'D)
              But Doug...There's something I want
              you to know.  You're the best assignment
              I ever hand.  Really.

              I'm honored.

              You sure you don't wanna...?  For old
              time's sake.  If you don't trust me,
              you can tie me up.

              I didn't know you were so kinky.

              It's time you found out.

    Quaid catches Lori glancing at the VIDEO MONITOR which
    displays the lobby of the apartment building (LIVE FEED).
    AGENTS enter.  The leader in RICHTER, the "doctor" Lori
    called.  He radiates malevolence with a dark intensity.  His
    equally vicious partner is HELM.  Quaid glares at Lori and
    holds the gun to her head.

              Clever girl.

              Doug...You wouldn't shoot me, would
              you?  After all we've been through?

              Yeah.  Some of it was fun.

    Lori leans seductively toward Quaid, expecting a caress.
    Instead, he knocks her out with the gun.

                        QUAID (CONT'D)
              Nice knowing you.

    Quaid stands and runs to the door.

 32 EXT. COMMONS - CORRIDOR - NIGHT                                  32

    Quaid races down the hallway and runs downstairs.  A second
    later, Richter and his men dash across the commons, then up
    the stairs as Quaid watches and then exits.

 33 INT. QUAID'S LIVING ROOM/KITCHEN - NIGHT                         33

    Richter finds Lori, unconscious, on the floor.

 34 EXT. COMMONS - STAIRWELL - NIGHT                                 34

    Quaid runs downstairs and into the subway.

 35 INT. QUAID'S LIVING ROOM/KITCHEN - NIGHT                         35

    Helm activates a futuristic TRACKING DEVICE and pans it around
    like a Geiger counter.  Other agents search the apartment.
    ONe agent tries to help Lori, Richter kicks him away.

              Don't touch her.

    She's comes to, groggy.

                        RICHTER (CONT'D)
              You all right?

    Lori gingerly checks out her bruise.

              Sorry, guess I blew it.

              What's he remember?

              Nothing, so far.

              I got him!

    Helm shows Richter the tracking device.

    REPRESENTATION of the building.

    RICHTER AND HELM run to a window and look outside.  They see
    Quaid running down an inclined rooftop toward the Commons.

              Shit, he's going for the subway.  Let's
              get him.  Go!

    Helm and the other agents storm out.

    Richter lags behind and walks over to Lori.  They kiss

              Pack your stuff and get out of here.

    He heads for the door.

              What if they bring him back?

                   (turns around)
              Not a chance.

    Richter leaves.

 36 EXT. COMMONS - ENTRANCE TO SUBWAY - NIGHT                        36

    Richter, Helm and the agents run downstairs into the subway
    after Quaid.

              The subway....Go!

 37 INT. SUBWAY STATION - SECURITY AREA - NIGHT                      37

    Quaid arrives at the SECURITY AREA and passes behind the X-Ray
    screen.  He's a SKELETON.

    Suddenly ALARMS WAIL!!  RED LIGHTS FLASH!!  The skeleton is
    surprised.  Then he remembers the gun, which GLOWS BRIGHT RED
    in his bony hand!

    Guards spring forward to intercept him.  Quaid's SKULL sees
    them coming.  The skull turns and looks behind him.

    Richter and Company rush toward him at full speed.

    The Guards, now skeletons, storm closer.

    Trapped, his skull looks straight ahead (through X-ray screen,
    at camera), and runs forward.

    Quaid CRASHES THROUGH the X-ray screen, emerging from the
    image of his skeleton in a shower of glass.

    He races toward the subway platforms followed by Richter,
    Helm, the agents and guards.

 38                                                                  38
thru OMITTED                                                        thru  
 40                                                                  40


    Quaid arrives at the intersection and barrels down the stairs.

              Move!  Move!

    A moment later, Richter arrives at the same place and consults
    the Tracking Device, which indicates Quaid's location.
    Richter signals everyone but Helm to continue on the same

              Go, go, go.  You come with me.

    Helm and Richter dash down the stairs.

 42 OMITTED                                                          42

 43 INT. SUBWAY - LOWER LEVEL ESCALATOR - NIGHT                      43

    Quaid turns a corner and runs onto an escalator flowing up.
    As he rises, he looks behind him, then AHEAD -- and there
    they are!  Four agents arrive at the upper escalator landing.
    They look down; see him; shoot!

    Most of the commuters crouch to the ground, but an UNLUCKY
    BUSINESSMAN catches a bullet in the face.  Dead, he falls
    backwards onto Quaid.

    Quaid grabs Unlucky's body and, using it as a shield, mounts
    the escalator.

    The Agents keep firing, blasting the body to bits.  Quaid
    fires up at this enemies, killing one, two, three four!

    But the gunshots continue!  Richter and Helm, now behind him,
    shoot as they run up the escalator.

    Quaid hurls the remains of the corpse at them, knocking them
    down.  He arrives at the top of the escalator and runs away.

    Richter and Helm struggle out from under the corpse.  They run
    after Quaid from the escalator.


 44 INT. SUBWAY PLATFORM/TRAIN - NIGHT                               44

    Quaid runs to the subway platform followed by Richter and


              Up to the right.

    Quaid fights his way through the exiting passengers to a train
    that is leaving.  He runs along the side of the train, breaks
    a window and dives into the train, bowling down passengers.

    Richter and Helm charge into the area, see Quaid, and shoot
    at his with total disregard for innocent bystanders.

    Richter and Helm get a clearer shot at Quaid.  Their bullets
    are coming closer.  They only manage to shoot out the windows
    and the train leaves the station.

 45 INT. SUBWAY CAR - NIGHT                                          45

    Suddenly, it's quiet.  In shock, no one says a word.  The
    only VOICE comes from a line of TEN TELEVISIONS, all playing
    the same commercial.

    ON TV, A HUCKSTER delivers a sales pitch in CLOSE UP.  ZOOM
    OUT and reveal that he stands in front of a gargantuan rocket
    ship on a launching pad.

              Don't settle for pale memories!  Don't
              fall for fake implants!  Experience
              space travel the old-fashioned way on
              a real-live holiday you can afford.

    The rocket sails through space past the Earth orbit.

    Quaid shakes his head and sighs.

 46 EXT. COMMONS - NIGHT                                             46

    Richter and Helm angrily stride out of the station and gets
    in their CAR.

              I want that fucker dead.

              I don't blame you man.  I wouldn't want
              Quaid porkin' my old lady.

              Are you saying she liked it?

              I'm sure she hated every fuckin' minute
              of it.

 47 INT. RICHTER'S CAR - NIGHT                                       47

    The dashboard is filled with elaborate tracking devices,
    electronic maps, and communications equipment.  In the
    passenger seat, Richter furiously turns knobs and punches
    buttons, unsuccessfully trying to get a reading on Quaid.

                        RADIO (O.S.)
              Six beta nine, we have a live
              transmission from Mr. Cohaagen.

              Richter here.  Patch it through.

    A video monitor lights up with a grainy image of Cohaagen's
    angry face.

                        COHAAGEN (LIVE FEED)
              What the fuck is going on down there?!

              I'm trying to neutralize a traitor.

              If I wanted him dead, you moron, I
              wouldn't have dumped him on Earth.

              We can't let him run around.  He knows
              too much.

              Lori says he can't remember jack shit!

              That's now.  In an hour, he could have
              total recall.

              Listen to me, Richter, I want Quaid
              delivered alive for re-implantation.
              Have you got that?  I want him back
              in place with Lori.

    Richter is mortified.

                        COHAAGEN (CONT'D)
              Did you hear me?

    Richter turns a dial, causing the reception to break up.

              What was that?  I couldn't hear you.

              I've got Quaid.

              I said I want him back in place with

    Richter deliberately intensifies the interference.  Cohaagen
    makes vituperative threats which we can't decipher.

              Hello?  We've got sunspots.  I'm
              switching to another channel.

    Helm nudges Richter.  A blinking red dot flashes on the
    Tracking Device on a map filled with large CIRCLES.  Richter
    is happy to see it.  He snaps his fingers and points Helm

                        RICHTER (CONT'D)
              I'm losing you sir.

    Richter ends the transmission as Helm guns the car into
    traffic, splashing water on commuters.

              Where is he?

              Level 2.  Galleria.

                        RICHTER (CONT'D)
              He shoulda killed Quaid back on Mars.

 48 EXT. SUBWAY/MALL - NIGHT                                         48

    Quaid walks out of a Subway Station and emerges in a round
    shopping plaza sunk in the middle of a traffic circle.  Cars
    whiz around the periphery of the plaza, which has degenerated
    into a slum, complete with bars, flophouses, pimps,
    prostitutes, gangs, motorcycles, peddlers, and drunks sleeping
    in doorways.

    In the distance, he sees a flashing sign on a flophouse, HOTEL

 49 EXT./INT. RICHTER'S CAR - NIGHT                                  49

    Richter fulminates as Helm zigs in and out of traffic,

    Helm looks away at the TRACKING DEVICE, which zooms to a more
    detailed map section.

              Circle twenty-eight.  Top level.

 50 INT. RITZ HOTEL ROOM - NIGHT                                     50

    Quaid no sooner enters and closes the curtains than the
    videophone RINGS.  He doesn't answer.  On the fourth ring, he
    steps to the side of the screen, so he can't be seen, and lets
    the call through without saying anything.

    The videophone screen shows a man's hand blocking the lens.

                        CALLER (LIVE FEED)
              If you want to live, don't hang up.

    Quaid doesn't hang up.

              What do you want?

                        CALLER (CONT'D)
              They've got you bugged, and they'll
              be busting down the door in about three
              minutes unless you do exactly what I

    Out of sight, Quaid searches his clothes for the bug.

                        CALLER (CONT'D)
              Don't bother looking.  It's in your

                   (looks around, spooked)
              Who are you?

              Never mind.  Wet a towel and wrap it
              around your head.  That'll muffle the

              How'd you find me?

              I'd advise you to hurry.

    Quaid sees the sink on the other side of the room.  Once he
    walks in front of the videophone to get there, the caller

                        CALLER (CONT'D)
              This'll buy you some time.  They won't
              be able to pinpoint you.

    Quaid feels like a fool, but he wets a large towel and begins
    to wrap it around his head.

              And hurry.

 51 INT. RICHTER'S CAR - CROSS STREETS - NIGHT                       51

    CLOSE ON: TRACKING DEVICE.  The frame ZOOMS OUT six levels
    of detail to general map of the area.  The blinking light
    grows dim.


              What is it?

    Richter fiddles with the tracking device, then whacks it a few

              We lost him!

 52 INT. RITZ HOTEL ROOM - NIGHT                                     52

    Quaid finishes wrapping the wet towel around his head like
    a turban.

              Now go to the window.

    Quaid pulls aside a curtain and peeks outside.

                        CALLER (CONT'D)
              Can you see me down there?

52A EXT. RITZ HOTEL/PHONE BOOTH - NIGHT                              52A

    Quaid looks out and SEES the phone booth. (INTERCUT
    soldier-of-fortune, holds up a DOCTOR'S SATCHEL.  Quaid can't
    clearly see the man's face.

              This is the suitcase you gave me.

              I gave you?

                        STEVENS (CONT'D)
              I'm leaving it here.  Come get it and
              keep moving.

    Quaid see Stevens begins to hang up.



              ...Who are you?

                   (abrupt, irritated)
              We were buddies in the Agency back on
              Mars.  You asked me to find you if you
              disappeared.  So here I am, good-bye.

              What was I doing on Mars?!  Damn!

    The line goes dead.  Stevens leaves the phone booth.  Quaid
    dashes out of the hotel room.

 53                                                                  53
thru OMITTED                                                        thru  
54A                                                                 54A  

 55 EXT. RITZ HOTEL/PHONE BOOTH - NIGHT                              55

    Quaid runs out of the hotel, glances around for Stevens, then
    hustles over to the phone booth, where a sweet LITTLE OLD LADY
    is pulling out the suitcase.

              Excuse me, ma'am.  That's mine.

                        LITTLE OLD LADY
              I don't see your name on it.

    Quaid takes hold of the suitcase and pulls gently, but the
    Old Lady won't let go.

              Somebody left it for me.

                        LITTLE OLD LADY
              Go find your own bag!

    The Little Old Lady clutches the suitcase to her chest with
    all her might.  At a loss, Quaid rips it away from her.

              Sorry, ma'am.  I need it.

    Quaid turns and walks off.

                        LITTLE OLD LADY
              Fuck you, asshole!

 56                                                                  56
thru OMITTED                                                        thru
 64                                                                  64


    Richter and Helm drive up to the Mall, looking for Quaid.
    Helm consults the Tracking Device, which displays only  a
    vague map of the whole area.  Suddenly the red dot gets
    brighter.  He looks around and sees Quaid approaching a

              That son of a bitch got to be around
              here somewhere.

              I've got him.  The guy in the turban.

    Helm slams on the brakes and brings the car to a SCREECHING

    Quaid turns to the sound and sees Richter and Helm.

 65 INT. JOHNNYCAB/MALL - NIGHT                                      65

    Quaid jumps in the Johnnycab.  Johnny turns around and
    addresses him.

              Welcome to JohnnyCab.  Where can I...?

              Drive!  DRIVE!!

    Quaid sees Richter and Helm leave their car and rush straight
    at him.

              Would you please repeat the destination?

              Anywhere!  Go!..Just go -- OH SHIT!!

    Richter and Helm take aim through the crowd.

              I'm sorry.  I'm not familiar with that

    Quaid furiously wrenches Johnny (an armless torso) from his
    console, drags him into the back seat and takes off in the
    Johnnycab just as Richter and Helm run up.

    Richter and Helm fire.  A window shatters in the Johnnycab.

    Quaid leans over the driver's seat and awkwardly turns the
    steering joystick.  The cab starts spinning.  As Richter and
    Helm keep shooting, the windows blow out in sequence.

                        JOHNNY'S HEAD
              Please fasten your seat belt.

    Quaid fiddles with the joystick.  When he reaches the limit
    of his frustration, Johnnycab suddenly straightens out.

    Richter and Helm run after it.

 66                                                                  66
thru OMITTED                                                        thru
 69                                                                  69

 70 EXT. CEMENT FACTORY - NIGHT                                      70

    Quaid drives Johnnycab up to an abandoned factory and exits,
    taking the case with him.

              The fare is eighteen credits, please.

              Quit while you're ahead.

                   (spewing sparks)
              Thanks for taking Johnnycab.

    Johnnycab starts forward after Quaid who is walking away.
    Quaid jumps out of the way just in time as Johnny goes past
    and crashes into a wall and explodes.

              We hope you enjoyed the ride.

    Quaid runs away from the explosion and up some stairs,
    entering the factory.

 71 INT. CEMENT FACTORY - NIGHT                                      71

    Quaid enters into the MACHINE ROOM, a huge space filled with
    rusted equipment.  Rats scurry out of his way.

    Quaid sets the satchel on an assembly line apparatus and
    removes the contents:  Packets of MARTIAN MONEY.  Quaid
    whistles to himself as he flips through the RED BANK NOTES.  A
    few false IDENTITY CARDS with photos we can't clearly see.  A
    INSTRUMENT sealed in clear plastic.  A WRIST WATCH.

    As Quaid examines the watch, he is startled by a fearsome
    INTRUDER who stares at him from the shadows about thirty feet
    away.  Quaid draws his gun and FIRES.  The Man simultaneously
    SHOOTS at Quaid.

    Who's going to drop?  Neither.

    Guns extended, they have each other in check.  Quaid takes
    a step forward.  The Intruder also steps into the light.

    Quaid can now see the Intruder.  It's himself!  Or rather,
    a mirror image HOLOGRAM of extremely high fidelity.

    He walks toward the hologram, which matches him step for step.
    Like the Marx Brothers routine, Quaid makes a sudden movement.
    The hologram isn't fooled.

    Quaid presses a button.  BZZZT.  The hologram disappears.

    He reaches into the satchel and removes a miniature VIDEODISC

    Quaid turns it on.

    ON THE TV SCREEN Quaid himself appears in close-up and
    addresses the camera.

              Howdy, Stranger; this is Hauser.  If
              things have gone wrong, I'm talking
              to myself--and you've got a wet towel
              wrapped around your head.

    Hauser laughs heartily.  He has an air of complete
    self-confidence.  Quaid watches, fascinated.

                        HAUSER (CONT'D)
    Now whatever your name is, get ready for the big
    surprise.--You're not you.  You're me.

    Quaid stares at Hauser's face.

              No shit.

 72 EXT./INT. RICHTER'S CAR - DRIVING - NIGHT                        72

    Richter and Helm drive around, looking for Quaid and trying to
    pick him up on the tracking device.

              Six beta nine, six beta nine, come in.

    Richter punches a button, and the agent appears on the
    videophone screen.

              You found him?

              No.  We picked up an explosion at the
              old cement factory.

              Send two units.  We'll meet them there.


    The car accelerates.

 73 INT. CEMENT FACTORY - MACHINE ROOM - NIGHT                       73

    Fascinated, Quaid continues watching his alter ego.

              All my life I worked for Mars
              Intelligence.  I did Cohaagen's dirty
              work.  Then a few weeks ago, I met
              somebody--a women. And I learned a few
              things; like I've been playing for the
              wrong team.
              All I can do now is try to make up
              for it
                   (taps on his forehead)
              There's enough shit in here to fuck
              Cohaagen good. Unfortunately, if you're
              listening to this,  that means he got
              to me first.  And here comes the hard
              part, old buddy:  now it's all up to

    Quaid's not so sure he likes this idea.


                        HAUSER (CONT'D)
              Sorry to drag you into it, but you're
              the only one I can trust.

 74 EXT. CEMENT FACTORY COMPOUND - NIGHT                             74

    Richter's car and two other Agency vehicles cruise down the
    alleys between the various buildings, alert for any sign of
    Quaid.  They drive to the burning Johnnycab and exit their

              What do we got?

              He's not here.  He's gone.

              I've got a weak signal over there.

              Split up.  Find him.

 75 INT. CEMENT FACTORY - MACHINE ROOM - NIGHT                       75

    ON TV:  Hauser reaches into the same satchel that Quaid picked
    up at the pawn shop.

              First, let's get rid of that bug in
              your head.
                   (holds up plastic bag)
              Take this thing out of the case and
              stick it up your nose.  Don't worry;
              it's self guiding.  Just shove real

    Quaid throws the remainder of his Mars bar to the rats and
    takes out "the thingy in the plastic bag".  He tears it open
    and removes a surgical instrument that looks like the metallic
    tentacle of an alien.

                        HAUSER (CONT'D)
              When you hear the crunch, you're there.
              Just pull it out.

    He sticks the tentacle up his nose and shoves.  Whoa!  Quaid
    grimaces with pain.

                        HAUSER (CONT'D)
              And be careful.  It's my head, too.

    The recorded message freeze-frames.  Quaid warily sits down
    and continues with the procedure.

    As the instrument winds through his sinuses, Quaid's face
    bulges and distorts.  The pain grows more and more intense
    until CRUNCH!  The instrument breaks through cartilage and

    Quaid pulls the large device from his nose.  The homing device
    glistens like an aluminum pea in a tiny claw at the end of
    the tentacle.

    Quaid takes the bloody pea, rolls it between his thumb and
    forefinger, then shoves it into a Mars bar.

 76 EXT. CEMENT FACTORY COMPOUND - NIGHT                             76

    Richter, Helm and the agents continue their search among the
    buildings of the factory.  Helm studies the tracking device.

              He's not at ground level.

                   (signals to agents)

    They all climb ladders and staircases to the second story of
    various buildings.

    They split up at the top of the stairs.  Richter, Helm and two
    agents continue across a catwalk.  Helm is consulting the
    tracking device.

              I've got a lock!  There!

              Come on!

    They head toward the building where Quaid is hiding.

 77 INT. CEMENT FACTORY - MACHINE ROOM - NIGHT                       77

    Recovering from the pain, Quaid presses a button on the
    Videodisc player, and the recorded message continues.

              Now this is the plan.  Get your ass
              to Mars.  Then go the Hilton and flash
              the Brubaker I.D. at the desk.  That's
              all there is to it.  Just do what I
              tell you, and we can nail that
              sonovabitch who fucked you and me and
              millions of other poor bastards here
              on Mars.
              I'm counting on you, buddy.  Don't let
              me down.

    The TV automatically turns off.  Quaid is left in the silent

    He hears Richter and his men nearby, sees a beam from their
    flashlights and springs to his feet.

    Quaid races back to his things, throws them into the case,
    smashes the videoplayer with his case and runs.  He stops,
    and returns to put the bug in a piece of candy.

 78 INT. CEMENT FACTORY - ADJOINING ROOM - NIGHT                     78

    Richter and his men juke left and right like heat-seeking
    missiles.  The Tracking Device shows Quaid's exact location.

              Straight there.

    Richter spins through a door into the...

 79 INT. CEMENT FACTORY - MACHINE ROOM - NIGHT                       79

    Flashlight beams cut through the dusty air  Richter and the
    others unleash a FIRE STORM in the general direction of
    Quaid's remains.


    Another fire storm ensues.  No luck.


    They all point in another direction.  Another fire storm.


    And they point in yet another direction.  And yet another fire

    Richter now understands how they were tricked.  Infuriated, he

                        HAUSER (O.S.)
              ...ass to Mars squrtrk Get your ass
              to Mars squrtrk...

    In the midst of the barrage, Helm walks up to Richter with
    the broken videoplayer which SQUAWKS like a broken record.
    Distracted, Richter stops shooting, turns and watches a
    static-ridden snippet of the recorded message on the CRACKED
    SCREEN.  Only a small shard of the videodisc remains inside.

              ...Get your ass to Mars squrtrk Get
              your ass to...

 80 EXT. MARS - DAY (WEEKS LATER)                                    80


    A vacant, epic expanse of glowing crimson.

    A space ship drops into frame, retro rockets burning.  PAN
    DOWN with space ship as it descends in front of two moons,
    the Pyramid Mine, a distant city -- and prepares to land at
    the Mars SPACE PORT.

 81 INT. MARS SPACEPORT/IMMIGRATION HALL - DAY                       81

    CLOSE ON PASSPORT:  BAM!  An official seal stamps down on the
    document, leaving the circular imprint:  MARS FEDERAL

    An IMMIGRATION OFFICER hands the passport back to its OWNER,
    who takes it and moves on.

                        IMMIGRATION OFFICER

    The Immigration Hall is filled with passengers arriving from
    Earth, queued up in three long lines.  SOLDIERS on a high
    state of alert stand guard with AUTOMATIC RIFLES.

    QUAID'S SATCHEL sits on the floor behind a white line.  A hand
    reaches down, picks it up, and carries it forward.  FROM THE
    BACK, we see that the person carrying the satchel is a tall
    FAT LADY in a loose-fitting dress.  She steps up to the
    Immigration Officer at his desk.

                        IMMIGRATION OFFICER (CONT'D)

    As the Fat Lady hands over her passport, SOLDIERS rush
    directly towards her from the rear of the hall, shoving people
    aside.  Richter, Helm, and EVERETT, a stern military officer,
    urgently follow in the path cleared by the Soldiers.

    They get closer and closer to the Fat Lady...and pass right
    behind her without noticing anything in the least suspicious.

              Mr. Cohaagen wants to see you right

              Any news of Quaid?

              Not since you lost him.

              Watch your mouth, Captain.

    The group walks past the Immigration desks and exits the
    frame.  HOLD ON the back of the Fat Lady.

    The Immigration Officer studies her passport.  CLOSE ON her
    PHOTO.  He looks up.  CLOSE ON her FACE.

    She bears no resemblance to Quaid.

                        IMMIGRATION OFFICER
              How long do you plan to stay on Mars?

                        FAT LADY
              Two weeks.

              Look at this shit.

                        RICHTER (O.S.)
              What the hell is this?

    BEHIND THE DESKS, Richter stops at a wall defaced with
    graffiti: "KUATO LIVES!".

              The Martians all love Kuato.  They think
              he's fuckin' George Washington.

              Kill the bastard.

              Nobody knows who he is.

    The Immigration Officer picks up the seal, ready to stamp the
    Fat Lady's passport after one last perfunctory question.

                        IMMIGRATION OFFICER
              Have you brought any fruits or
              vegetables onto the planet?

                        FAT LADY
              Two weeks.

    He stops himself from hammering down with the seal.

                        IMMIGRATION OFFICER
              Excuse me...?

    Fat Lady covers her mouth, embarrassed.

                        FAT LADY
              Two weeks.

    Richter glances at the Fat Lady but keeps walking toward the

              And things are getting hot around here.
              The rebels took over the refinery last
              night.  No turbinium's going out.

    THE FAT LADY is having some kind of fit.  She keeps repeating
    the same phrase over and over, each time SLOWER and MORE
    DISTORTED, like a phonograph record running down.  Everybody
    stares at the poor woman.  She holds her mouth and tries to
    shut herself up.

                        FAT LADY
              Twooo weeeks.  Twoooooo weeeks.
              Twooooooo weeeeeeks.

    Richter stops and looks suspiciously at the Fat Lady. The
    Fat Lady sees him staring.  They lock eyes.  Richter knows!
    He points!

              Quaid!  That's Quaid!


              There!  The woman!

    The Fat Lady edges to the side along a wall.

              Get him!

    Everett and his men are confused.

                        RICHTER (CONT'D)

              Arrest that woman!

                        FAT LADY
              Twoooooo!  Weeeeeks!

    Richter, Helm, Everett and soldiers run over.  The Fat Lady
    twists her ear.  She is shaking radically.  Her face splits
    down the middle, revealing Quaid inside!


    Quaid throws the split face at a SOLDIER near a window.  The
    Soldier instinctively catches the face, which snaps together
    and addresses him in a normal voice.

                        FAT LADY FACE
              Get ready for a big surprise.

    Just as the Soldier reacts, BOOM!  The face explodes.
    Everett, Richter and Helm fire at Quaid.  The gunfire bursts
    a window.

    The near-vacuum outside creates an INSTANT TYPHOON in the
    station.  WHRRRRRR!  Loose objects are sucked out through the
    broken window.  Richter, Helm, Everett and all the soldiers
    hold on for dear life.

    Quaid pulls himself along a stair railing toward a doorway.

    ALARMS sound and METAL BARRIERS slide down over windows and
    doorways, sealing off the depressurized area:  SQQRRCHANG!

    Quaid thrusts out from a wall and rolls under a falling
    barrier.  SQQQRRCHANG!

    A metal sheet covers the shattered window.  SQQQRRCHANG!

    Instantly, the air is still and quiet.

    Richter sprints to Quaid's doorway and tries to pull up the
    metal barrier.  It won't give.  He YELLS at a young,
    frightened SOLDIER.

              Open it!!!

    The Soldier is speechless.  Furious, Richter backhands him
    with his gun.

                        RICHTER (CONT'D)
              Open the goddamn door!  Now!

    Everett grabs Richter's arm as he is about to strike again.

              I can't--they're all connected.

    Richter and Everett stare at each other with mutual hatred.

 82 INT. MARTIAN SUBWAY CAR - DAY                                    82

    The train CLATTERS through a dark tunnel.  The CROWDING AND
    FLASHING OF LIGHTS create a feeling of anxiety.

    REWARD POSTERS for KUATO are posted throughout the train.
    They contain no likeness of the wanted man.

    Quaid looks around, alert to potential danger.  He overhears
    snippets of various private conversations.

                        MARTIAN WIFE
              Then a few days later, Cohaagen raised
              the price of air.

                        MARTIAN HUSBAND

                        MARTIAN #3
              Nobody on Earth gives a damn what
              happens up here.

                        MARTIAN HUSBAND
              They just want our turbinium, so they
              can zap things from space.

    RED LIGHT floods the car and the REVERBERATED CLATTERING
    DIMINISHES.  The subway emerges onto the surface of Mars.
    Through a window behind Quaid, we see the Pyramid Mine from
    his recurrent dream.

    Quaid turns, and sees the object of his obsession.
    Fascinated, he addresses a BURLY MINER standing next to him.

              Excuse me.
                   (nods to mountain)
              What's that?

                        BURLY MINER
              You mean the Pyramid Mine?
                   (sees Quaid staring at it)
              I used to work there, till they found
              that alien shit inside.

                   (dismisses the idea)
              Well, that's a rumor, isn't it?

                        BURLY MINER
              Think so?

    Quaid's eyes are rivited the object of his obsession.

 83 EXT. SURFACE OF MARS - DAY                                       83

    The train worms into a tunnel leading to the domed city of
    CHRYSE, perched on the side of a steep canyon.  High on the
    other ledge looms COHAAGEN'S HEADQUARTERS.

 84 INT. COHAAGEN'S OFFICE - DAY                                     84

    Cohaagen sits in his high-backed executive chair in front
    of a wall-sized picture window which overlooks a majestic
    panorama of the Pyramid Mine.

    We hear doors slide open, then footsteps.  Richter enters
    the frame.

              Mr. Cohaagen...You wanted to see me?

    Cohaagen swivels around in his chair.  He's smiling.

              Richter, do you know why I'm such a
              happy person?

              No, sir.

              Because I've got the greatest job in
              the solar system.  As long as the
              turbinium keeps flowing, I can do
              anything I want.  Anything.
              If fact, the only thing I ever worry
              about is that one day, if the rebels
              win, it all might end.

    Cohaagen explodes, pounding his fist on the desk.

                        COHAAGEN (CONT'D)
              YOU LET HIM GET AWAY!!

    Richter survives the barrage, shaken but not cowed.

              He had help.  From our side, sir.

                   (as if totally obvious)
              I know that.

                   (caught off guard)
              But I thought...

              Who told you to think?!  I don't give
              you enough information to think!
              You do what you're told!!  That's what
              you do!

              Yes, sir.

    Cohaagen feeds his GOLDFISH who swim around in a large
    spherical bowl.

                        COHAAGEN (CONT'D)
              Now let's get down to business.  Kuato
              wants what's in Quaid's head.  And he
              might be able to get it, cause they
              say he's psychic.  Now I have a little
              plan to keep this from happening.  --Do
              you think you can play along?

              Yes, sir.

              Great!  Because, otherwise I'll erase
              your ass.

 85 INT. TRANSPORTATION HUB - DAY                                    85

    A mob of passengers disembark from a commuter train.  Amid
    the crowd, we find Quaid, doing his best to be inconspicuous.

    He moves through a broad underground plaza hewn from solid
    rock.  The railway platform is on one side, across from a
    large scale, bustling MINE OPERATION.

                        PUNK CABBIE
              Taxi!  Sir!  Taxi!  Sir!  Magazines!


    Around the Hub, OTHER TUNNELS lead to various neighborhoods
    (labeled SECTORS A-D, SECTOR E-F, etc.) and hotels.  Quaid
    walks into the tunnel labeled "HILTON".


    Quaid comes out of the inclined underground walkway into a
    spacious atrium under a glass dome.  The Pyramid Mine is
    visible straight ahead, through a high wall of glass.  Red
    sunlight bathes the lobby in a weird rosy glow.

    Quaid crosses the lobby and walks up to the REGISTRATION DESK.
    A CLERK addresses him.

              Good afternoon.  Can I help you?

    Quaid hands his ID card to the Clerk.

              I'd like a room, please.

    The Clerk takes the ID card and plugs it into a slot.  The
    "Brubaker" file shows up on the monitor.

              Nice to have you back with us, Mr.

              Thank you.

              Would you like the same suite?


    The Clerk sees something unusual on the monitor.

              Hmm.  It seems you left something in
              our safe.

              Get it, please.


    They press their thumbs to a safe-opener box.

    A small SAFE DEPOSIT BOX slides smoothly out of a wall.  He
    pulls the box from its track and sets it in front of Quaid.

    The clerk politely leaves Quaid alone.

              I'll go encode your room key.

                   (opens box)
              Thank you.

    The Clerk steps away, and Quaid look inside the box.

    It's empty....except in the back, there's a piece of red paper
    folded in eighths.  Quaid grabs the paper and hurriedly
    unfolds it.

    CLOSE ON: RED PAPER.  It's an advertising FLIER for a bar,
    THE LAST RESORT in VENUSVILLE, featuring a drawing of a naked

    Quaid turns the paper over.  On the other side is a
    handwritten message:  "For a GOOD TIME, ask for Melina".

    The Clerk returns with a plastic key card, which he hands
    to Quaid.

              There you go, Mr. Brubaker.  Suite 610
              in the East Wing.

                   (reaching for a pen)
              May I use your pen?

    CLOSE ON:  BACK OF FLIER.  Quaid scribbles "Melina" under
    the written message.  The handwriting matches.

 87 INT. TRANSPORTATION HUB - DAY                                    87

    Quaid comes out of the driveway from the Hilton and strides
    toward the cab stand.  On the way, he's approached by BENNY,
    an amiable black hustler in his early-thirties.

              Hey, man...need a cab?

    Quaid nods toward the first taxi in line.

              What's wrong with this one?

              He ain't got five kids to feed.

    Quaid sees that the other cabbie is a PUNK in his early
    twenties.  He takes mercy on Benny.

              Where's yours?

              Over there man.

              You got the job.

    As Benny leads Quaid away, the Punk Cabbie runs after them.

                        PUNK CABBIE
              That's my fare, you asshole!  Hey
              mister...goddamn it..fuck off

    Suddenly, BOOM!  A HUGE EXPLOSION destroys the upper level
    of the mine.  Windows shatter.  The blast throws Benny to
    the ground and almost topples Quaid.  ALARMS go off.

    Benny staggers to his feet, slightly dazed.

              Welcome to Mars.

              What was that?  An accident?

    SOLDIERS dash from all directions and engage in a shootout

              The rebels.  They're trying to shut
              down the mines.

                        BENNY (CONT'D)
              Let's get out of here...before they
              arrest us.

    Benny swings up the gullwing door of HIS MINI-CAB, and Quaid
    squeezes himself into the tiny vehicle.

 88 EXT./INT. BENNY'S CAB/TRANSPORTATION HUB - DAY                   88

    Benny quickly pulls into traffic.

              What to the rebels want?

              Oh, the usual.  More money, more
              freedom, more air.

    Benny cuts off several cars and drives into a dark tunnel.

 89 INT. TUNNEL - DAY                                                89

    Benny drives through the narrow tube.  Occasionally, a patch
    of red light hits the cab through a ceiling panel.

              So, where to?

              The Last Resort.

              You're getting off to an early start.

    The cab emerges into a plaza, immersed in red light.

 90 EXT./INT. MINING HUB - DAY                                       90

    Various tunnels lead to different SECTORS and different MINES.
    Benny's cab swerves out of the path of a stampeding mining

              First time on Mars?

              Yeah...Well, actually no...Sort of.

                   (to himself)
              Man don't know if he's been to Mars
              or not

    The cab zigs into a tunnel marked, "Sector G/VENUSVILLE".

 91 EXT./INT. VENUSVILLE PLAZA - DAY                                 91

    Benny's taxi emerges from a tunnel in the bustling adult
    entertainment district, filled with bars, brothels, cafes,
    strip joints, t-shirt shops, cheap hotels, and PSYCHIC

    Most of the buildings are dilapidated and covered with ads,
    signs, and graffiti.  REWARD POSTERS for KUATO are posted
    up everywhere.

              Voila!  Venusville.

    Porters push handcarts and carry goods on their backs.
    SOLDIERS patrol the streets in pairs.  Huge fans blow air into

    Quaid stares out the window, engrossed in the spectacle of the
    strange planet.  Benny parks the taxi by a pedestrian alley
    which is too narrow for cars.

              Crazy Martian drivers.
                   (exasperated, to Quaid)
              We're going to have to walk from here.

              Would you like to know the future?

              Come on.  It's around the corner.

    Benny leads Quaid down a crowded, narrow alley.  Barkers and
    hookers try to lure them inside.

    MADAME FATIMA stands in front of a psychic parlor with her
    LITTLE GIRL.  She looks like a knockout.  Benny nudges Quaid
    to look.  Hair covers half her face.

                        BENNY (CONT'D)
              Not bad, eh?

                        MADAME FATIMA
              Read your palm?  Read your aura?  Probe
              the secrets of your heart.

    As Madame Fatima steps forward, the fan blows her hair,
    revealing a horrible disfigurement on the concealed side of
    her face.  Quaid is shocked and disturbed to see that Madame
    Fatima's little girl had the same congenital defect.

                        LITTLE GIRL
              I bet I can guess your birthday.

                   (bends low)
              What is it?

                        LITTLE GIRL
              You're a Taurus, right?

                   (impressed, smiles)
              How'd you guess?

    Quaid gives the little girl a coin.  She smiles in gratitude.
    He walks on and turns to Benny.

                        QUAID (CONT'D)
              Tell me something; are all psychics,

              Freaks?...'Fraid so, man.  Goes with
              the territory.

              What happened to them?

              Cheap domes.  And no air to screen out
              the rays.

    Arriving at a corner, Benny points into a dead-end alley at a
    seedy dive.

                        BENNY (CONT'D)
              Well, there it is; the Last Resort.
              Sure you wanna go in?

              Why not?

              I know a much better place down the
              block -- the girls are clean; the liquor
              ain't watered down...

              And you get a kickback.

    Benny pleads guilty with a broad smile.  He has a mouth full
    of bad teeth, including two gold caps, one with a crescent
    moon design, the other with a star.

              Hey, I got five kids to feed.

    Quaid peels a few large bills into Benny's hand.

              Take 'em to the dentist.

    Benny counts the money, his eyes wide with amazement.  By
    the time is looks up, Quaid is walking away.

              Hey, mister!...thanks!  I'll be waiting
              for you; take your time.  Benny's the
              name.  Benny!

    Quaid walks into the Last Resort.

 92 INT. LAST RESORT - DAY                                           92

    Quaid stops just inside the door and cases the joint.  It's
    a low-down whorehouse for miners.  Girls walk in and out,
    picking up clients and bringing them upstairs.  Some of the
    men play cards.

    Quaid walks to the bar and approaches the BARTENDER.

              What do you want?

              I'm looking for Melina.

              She's busy. --But Mary here, she's free.

    Mary, a sexy, well-built prostitute, rubs against Quaid.

              Not "free" honey, but available.

    Quaid notices that Mary has THREE BREASTS, prominently
    displayed in a special bikini top.

              I'll wait for Melina.

    Insulted, Mary farts and oozes over to another customer.

              Earth slime.

              Thing is, friend, Mel's real picky.
              She kinda sticks to her regulars.

    Quaid presses a red banknote into the Bartender's hand.

              Don't worry.  She will like me.

    The Bartender calls toward a table near the stairs.

              Mel!  Hey, Mel!

    A woman carouses with a bunch of miners at a table.  She sits
    on the knee of a sullen, unshaven fellow named TONY.  GEORGE,
    who's relaxed and confident, sees the Bartender trying to get
    Melina's attention.  He signals her, and she turns around,
    laughing.  When she sees Quaid, her laugh fades to shock.

    Melina bears an uncanny resemblance to Quaid's fantasy
    composite at Rekall.

    Melina sashays over to Quaid and looks him up and down.

              Hello there, Hauser.  Still bulging,
              I see.

    She kisses him wet and sloppy and rubs up against him.

                        MELINA (CONT'D)
              Ooo, whatcha been feeding that thing?


                   (looks down)
              I think it's still hungry.

    Melina leads Quaid toward the stairs.  Tony sticks his leg
    out, blocking the way.

              You got a lotta nerve showin' your face
              around here.

              Look who's talking.

    Tony grabs Quaid's arm, and they're about to come to blows
    when George defuses the situation.

                   (to Tony)
              Hey, hey Tony.  Give the big guy a

              Relax, you'll live longer.

    With some relief, Tony lets go of Quaid.

    Melina takes Quaid by the hand and leads him up the stairs.

 93 INT. LAST RESORT - STAIRWAY - DAY                                93

    They pass THUMBELINA, a beautiful midget in a push-up corset.
    She's going down.

              Honey, take care of Tony, will ya?

    THUMBELINA surveys Quaid appreciatively.

              As usual.
                   (eyes Quaid)
              You need and help with this one gimme
              a holler.

 94 OMITTED                                                          94

 95 INT. LAST RESORT - MELINA'S CRIB - DAY                           95

    Quaid enters first, then Melina pulls the door closed behind
    her.  She turns to Quaid, smiles seductively, then SLAPS him
    hard across the face!

              You son of a bitch!  You're alive!

    Quaid is stunned.

                        MELINA (CONT'D)
              I thought Cohaagen tortured you to

              I guess he didn't.

              You couldn't get me a message?  You
              never wondered what happened to me?

    Melina's tone of voice and bearing are suddenly completely
    different:  intelligent, dignified.  Quaid doesn't know what
    to say.  He looks at her, guilty yet innocent.

    Seeing Quaid's lost expression, Melina's wrath evaporates.

                        MELINA (CONT'D)
              Oh, Hauser...Thank God you're alive.

    She kisses him with deep feeling, engulfing him in a flood
    of chaste passion.  He makes half-hearted resistance.


    Quaid summons the strength to push her away.

                        QUAID (CONT'D)

    Melina is flushed and panting.


              There's something I have to tell you...

    Melina waits, curious.  Quaid continues with difficulty.

                        QUAID (CONT'D)
              I don't remember you.

              What are you talking about?

              I don't remember you.  I don't remember
              us.  I don't even remember me.

    Melina half-laughs, not really believing him.

              What, did you get amnesia?...How'd you
              get here?

              Hauser left me a note.

              Hauser?  You're Hauser.

              Not any more.

    Melina looks at him with puzzlement.

              Now I'm Quaid.  Douglas Quaid.

    She breaks into a grin.

              Hauser, you're lost your mind.

              I didn't lose it.  Cohaagen stole it.
              He found out that Hauser switched
              sides,-so he turned him into somebody
              else.  Me.

              This is too weird.

              Then he dumped me on Earth with a wife
              and a lousy job and ...

              Wait, did you say wife?...Are you
              fuckin' married!!?

    Quaid realizes he's stuck his foot in his mouth.

              She wasn't really my wife.

              Oh, she isn't really your wife.  How
              stupid of me...She was Hauser's wife.

              Forget I said wife.

              No. Let's forget everything!  I've had
              it with you and your goddamn lies.

                   (exasperated, innocent)
              Why would I lie to you?

              Because you're still working for

              Don't be ridiculous.

              You never loved me, Hauser!  You just
              used me to get inside.

              Inside what?

    Quaid's curiosity seems to confirm Melina's suspicions.  She
    becomes cold and distant.

              I think you better leave.

              Melina, Hauser sent me to do something.

              I'm not falling for it.

                   (points to his head)
              He said there's enough in here to nail
              Cohaagen for good.

              Get out!

    Quaid steps forward.

              You've got to help me remember.

    Melina backs toward the bed.

              I said get out!

                   (closes in)
              Melina, please...People are trying to
              kill me.

    Melina pulls a HUGE AUTOMATIC PISTOL from under her mattress,
    and Quaid finds himself staring down the barrel.


    Quaid studies her steely eyes.

              All right.  I'm leaving.

    Quaid backs out of the room.  Melina holds back tears.

 96 INT. LAST RESORT - DAY                                           96

    Benny sits at the bar and feels up Mary.

              Oh, baby, you make me wish I had three

              You're doing okay with two.

    Over her shoulder, Benny sees Quaid coming down from upstairs.

              'Scuse me, babe.  We'll pick this up

    To Mary's surprise, Benny slips out of her embrace and pushes
    through the crowd.  He meets Quaid at the bottom of the

              That didn't take long.

    Quaid ignores Benny and heads for the door.  Benny chases after

                        BENNY (CONT'D)
              Lemme ask you a question.  Ever fuck
              a mutant?

              Take me to the hotel.

    Quaid walks out of the brothel.

    CAMERA watches them through a window as they disappear into
    the sights and sounds of Venusville.

              I know these Siamese twins...Man, you
              don't know if you're comin' or goin'.

    George appears in the foreground in front of the window.
    He looks from the window to the top of the stairs, where
    Melina stands.

 97 OMITTED                                                          97

 98 INT. HILTON - QUAID'S ROOM - DAY (LATE)                          98

    Quaid lies forlorn on his bed in the dark, staring at the
    TV, but not really watching.  The blue light of the television
    flickers against the somber red of the setting sun.

    ON TV:  COHAAGEN delivers a speech from his office.

              This afternoon at 4:30pm, I signed an
              order declaring martial law throughout
              the Mars Federal Colony.  I will not
              tolerate any further damage to our
              mineral export operations.  Mr. Kuato
              and his terrorists must understand that
              their self-defeating efforts will only
              bring misery and suffering to the people
              of Mars.

    Quaid turns off the TV and stares at the ceiling.  He is
    startled by a KNOCK AT THE DOOR.

    Quaid sits up slowly, on alert.

                        VOICE (O.S.)
                   (through door)
              Mr. Quaid...?

    Quaid picks up his gun.


                        VOICE (O.S.)
              I need to talk to you--about Mr. Hauser.

    Quaid COCKS his gun and approaches the door very cautiously,
    from the side.

              Who are you?

                        VOICE (O.S.)
              Dr. Edgemar.  From Rekall.

                   (stunned, incredulous)
              How did you find me?

                        EDGEMAR (O.S.)
              It's difficult to explain...Could you
              open the door, please.  I'm not armed.

    All of a sudden, Quaid flings opens the door and takes
    hair-trigger aim at...Dr. Edgemar from the Rekall
    commercial!!!  He's dresses in the same tweed jacket.  Quaid
    keeps the gun on Edgemar and glances up and down the hall.

              Don't worry; I'm alone. --May I come

    Quaid roughly pulls Edgemar into the hotel room and closes
    the door.  He frisks Edgemar and find to weapon.

              What do you want?

              This is going to be very difficult for
              you at accept, Mr. Quaid.

              I'm listening.

              I'm afraid you're not really standing
              here right now.

    Quaid can't repress a chuckle.

              Ya know, Doc, you could have folled

              I'm quite serious.  You're not here,
              and neither am I.

    Quaid squeezes Edgemar's shoulder, verifying its solidity.

              Amazing.  Where are we?

              At Rekall.

    Quaid's cockiness wavers.

                        EDGEMAR (CONT'D)
              You're strapped into an implant chair,
              and I'm monitoring you at a psycho-probe

              Oh, I get it; I'm dreaming!  And this
              is all part of that delightful vacation
              your company sold me.

              Not exactly.  What you're experiencing
              is a free-form delusion based on our
              memory tapes.  But you're inventing
              it yourself as you go along.

              Well, if this is my delusion, who
              invited you?

              I've been artificially implanted as
              an emergency measure.
              I'm sorry to tell you this, Mr. Quaid,
              but you've suffered a schizoid embolism.
              We can't snap you out of your fantasy.
              I've been sent in to try to talk you

              How much is Cohaagen paying you for

              Think about it.  Your dream started
              in the middle of the implant procedure.
              Everything after that--the chases, the
              trip to Mars, your suite here at the
              Hilton--these are all elements of your
              Rekall Holiday.  And Ego Trip: You paid
              to be a secret agent.

              Bullshit.  It's all coincidence.

              What about the girl?  Brunette,
              athletic, sleazy and demure; just like
              you specified.  Is that a coincidence?

              She's real.  I dreamed about her before
              I even went to Rekall.

              Mr. Quaid, can you hear yourself?
              "She's real because you dreamed her?"

              That's right.

    Edgemar sighs, discouraged.

              Maybe this'll convince you.  Would you
              mind opening the door?

    Quaid jabs his gun into Edgemar's ribs.

              You open it.

              No need to be rude.  I'll do it.

    Quaid shadows Edgemar as he opens the door.

    Lori stands in the threshold!

    Quaid does his best to absorb another shock.

    Lori puts on a brave face, like holding back tears in front
    of a sick child.  There is not the slightest indication that
    she has even been anything but Quaid's adoring wife.


              Come in, Mrs. Quaid.

    Lori walks in hesitantly.  Quaid pulls her to him and roughly
    frisks her.

              I suppose you're not here either.

              I'm here at Rekall.

    Quaid laughs and roughly pushes her away.

                        LORI (CONT'D)
              I love you.

              Right.  That's why you tried to kill

              Nooo!  I would never do anything to
              hurt you.  I want you to come back to


    Lori's heart is breaking, but Quaid's is cold as ice.

              What's bullshit, Mr. Quaid?
              That you're having a paranoid episode
              triggered by acute neuro-chemical
              Or that you're really an invincible
              secret agent from Mars who's the victim
              of an interplanetary conspiracy to make
              him think he's a lowly construction

    Quaid's certainty in undermined.  Edgemar looks at him with
    great sympathy and kindness.

                        EDGEMAR (CONT'D)
              Stop punishing yourself, Doug.  You're
              a fine, upstanding man.  You have a
              beautiful wife who loves you.

              I do.

    Lori beams at him with pure affection.

                        EDGEMAR (CONT'D)
              Your whole life is ahead of you...
              But you've got to want to return to

    Quaid is half-convinced, but doesn't want to show it.

              Suppose I do...then what?

              Swallow this.

    Edgemar opens his hand, revealing a small pill.

              What is it?

              It's a symbol.  Of your desire to return
              to reality. --Inside your dream, you'll
              fall asleep.

    Quaid picks up the pill and examines it.

              All right.  Let's say you're telling
              the truth, and this is all a dream...

    Realizing something, Quaid raises his gun to Edgemar's head.

                        QUAID (CONT'D)
              Then I can pull this trigger, and it
              won't matter.

              Doug, don't!

    Edgemar remains preternaturally calm.  His eyes and voice
    express his unselfish concern for Quaid.

              It won't make the slightest difference
              to me, Doug, but the consequences to
              you would be devastating.  In your mind,
              I'll be dead.  And with no one to guide
              you out, you'll be stuck in permanent

              Doug, let Dr. Edgemar help you.

    Finger on the trigger, Quaid is torn with doubt.

              The walls of reality will come crashing
              down.  One minute you'll be the savior
              of the rebel cause, then, next thing
              you know, you'll be Cohaagen's bosom
              buddy.  You'll even have ridiculous
              fantasies about alien civilizations--as
              you requested.  But in the end, back
              on Earth...You'll be lobotomized.

    Quaid becomes totally demoralized.

                        EDGEMAR (CONT'D)
              So get a grip on yourself, Doug.  And
              put down the gun.

    Edgemar stares hard.  Quaid hesitantly lowers the gun.

                        EDGEMAR (CONT'D)
              Good... Now take the pill and put it
              in your mouth.

    Quaid puts the pill in his mouth.

                        EDGEMAR (CONT'D)
              Swallow it.

    Quaid hesitates.  Edgemar and Lori watch with great

              Go ahead, sweetheart.

    Quaid is wracked with indecision.  Then he sees a single drop
    of sweat trickle down Edgemar's brow.  Abruptly, he swings his
    gun at Edgemar and fires.

    Edgemar's blood splatters in a dense circle on the wall.
    Quaid spits the pill out onto Edgemar's blood-stained body.

              Now you've done it!  Now you've done

    BOOM!  The blood stain EXPLODES, blasting Quaid backwards
    through the air.  FOUR MARS AGENTS storm through the big hole.

    Quaid ducks, turns, and starts to rise, facing toward the

    Agent #1 rushes Quaid.  Quaid ducks as Agent #1 goes to hit
    Quaid with his gun, but goes over Quaid's shoulder.

    Quaid rises and flips #1 over his right shoulder.  #1 lands on
    bed.  As Quaid recovers, Agent #2 grabs Quaid's right arm.
    Agent #3 grabs Quaid's left arm, and Agent #4 comes in to hit

    Quaid kicks #4 in the chest.  #4 flies backward.  Quaid then
    elbows #2 in the chest then backhands #2 across the face.  #2
    falls backwards.

    Quaid then throws a right cross at #3, who falls backwards, as
    Quaid follows through with his punch.  #4 comes in and kicks
    Quaid in the stomach with his right foot.  Quaid reacts, then
    backhands #4 across the face.  #4 hits the ground.

    #2 comes in with a right leg kick at Quaid's left
    shoulder/head.  Quaid grabs the leg and throws him.
    Instantly, #3 is rising up behind Quaid and hits him on the
    back of the head with his gun.  Quaid collapses and tries to
    crawl away towards the door.

    #1 grabs Quaid by the collar and shirt.  #4 grabs his left
    leg, and they try and restrain him.

    Then Lori steps in and kicks across the face, moves around to
    the other side and kicks him in the balls.  He stops

    Lori kicks him across the face again, Quaid falls backwards,

              That's for making me come to Mars.
              You know how much I hate this fucking
              planet.  Cuff him.

    Lori looks down triumphantly and speaks into a wireless

                        LORI (CONT'D)
              I've got him.

 99 INT. HILTON - LOUNGE - DAY (LATE)                                99

    At the other end of the line, Richter sits at a bar next to
    Helm.  A panorama of Mars is visible behind them through the

              Bring him down by the service elevator.

    Lori blows him a kiss.  End of call.  Richter and Helm slide
    off their stools, and run through the lobby to the service


    Four agents drag Quaid, semi-conscious, to the SERVICE
    ELEVATOR, Lori follows.  An agent presses the call button.
    They wait.

    The doors slide open.  Melina stands inside and professionally
    assassinates the four agents who have their hands full with

    Lori drops to the floor, swings her legs, and swipes Melina's
    feet out from under her.  Her gun goes flying.

    Then Lori kicks Melina in the face and the stomach and then
    flips her over her head.  They stand and face off, then Melina
    hits Lori in the face and kicks her in the stomach.

    Lori blocks Melina's next punch and elbows Melina in the ribs
    and flips Melina again, then elbows Melina in the face.

    Quaid squirms groggily over a pile of corpses and wrests a gun
    from a dead hand.

    Lori positions herself on top of Melina and pulls her head
    back.  Lori pulls a knife from an ankle sheath and prepares to
    plunge it into Melina's throat.

    PIYUNG!  The knife flies from Lori's hand.

    Quaid sprawls on the floor, hands cuffed in front of him.
    He holds a smoking pistol aimed at Lori.

     wouldn't hurt me, would you,

    She sees his expression.

                        LORI (CONT'D)
              Sweetheart, be reasonable...We're

    Lori stealthily reaches behind her back for a concealed gun.
    and pulls it on him.

    Quaid shoots Lori in the forehead, leaving a clean, small
    hole between her eyes.

                   (rising, to Melina)
              Consider that a divorce.

    She falls backwards toward the elevator.  A beat...

              That was your wife?

    He nods blankly.

                        MELINA (CONT'D)
              What a bitch.


    Richter and Helm wait impatiently for the service elevator
    to arrive.  It's stuck on the sixth floor.  They realize
    something is wrong, and they run back to the passenger
    elevator in the lobby.

              Get out of the way!


    Melina hastily searches through the pockets of the dead

              I thought you didn't like me.

              If Cohaagen wants you dead, you might
              be okay.

    Melina finds the key and starts unlocking Quaid's handcuffs.

              So you dropped by to apologize?

              Kuato wants to see you.
                   (off come the cuffs)
              Come on!

    She pulls him to his feet, and they run toward the passenger
    elevators.  The doors slide open:  Richter and Helm are

    Melina pulls Quaid toward an adjacent corridor.  Richter and
    Helm charge out of the elevator, shooting.

    They chase after Quaid and Melina, until they almost trip over
    Lori's dead body.  Helm keeps going, but Richter, stunned and
    bereaved, kneels down and strokes her face.

              Oh, baby.

103 INT. HILTON - CORRIDOR/BALCONY/DOME - DAY (LATE)                 103

    Quaid and Melina approach the end of the corridor:  A BALCONY
    which overlooks the lobby, far below.  The glass DOME
    stretches away at an incline, seemingly out of reach.

              Now what?


    Without missing a step, Melina and Quaid jump onto the
    balustrade and LEAP into the void.

104 INT. HILTON - DOME - DAY (LATE)                                  104

    Quaid and Melina grab onto metal girders which form the matrix
    for the glass panes of the Dome.

105 INT. HILTON - CORRIDOR/BALCONY/DOME - DAY (LATE)                 105

    Helm arrives at the balcony and takes aim, but he decides not
    to shoot.  Richter walks up a moment later, in a rage, and
    gets ready to fire.  Just as he pulls the trigger, Helm slams
    his arm down.  The gun discharges into the floor.

              No!  You're crack the fucking dome!
              Are you trying to kill us?!  The dome'll

    Furious, Richter hits Helm and tries to shoot again.  Helm
    struggles fiercely with his much larger boss.

    Richter comes to his senses and stops fighting.  Looking over
    the banister, he sees that Quaid and Melina are climbing down
    the Dome to the lobby.  Richter and Helm dash back down the

106 OMITTED                                                          106

107 INT. HILTON - DOME - DAY (LATE)                                  107

    Silhouetted against the vast Dome like flies on a window,
    Quaid and Melina swing and slide toward the lobby.  On the
    way, they pass a WINDOW WASHER in a SPACESUIT on the outside
    of the Dome.

              By the way...ever heard of a company
              names Rekall?

              I used to model for 'em, why?

              Just wondering.

    Quaid and Melina get into position and drop down into the

108 OMITTED                                                          108

109 INT. HILTON - LOUNGE - DAY (LATE)                                109

    Quaid and Melina jump onto the lobby cat walk and then run to
    an exit that leads to the Hub.

110 INT. HILTON - LOBBY/ELEVATORS - DAY (LATE)                       110

    Richter and Helm charge out of the elevator, run by the
    registration desk, and chase Quaid and Melina across the
    Lobby, shooting.

111 INT. PEDESTRIAN TUNNEL - DAY (LATE)                              111

    Quaid and Melina sprint down the ramp.

112 INT. TRANSPORTATION HUB - DAY (LATE)                             112

    Quaid and Melina run into the street and look for a cab.
    Out of nowhere, a TAXI streaks up beside them.  The door wings
    up.  It's Benny.

              Taxi!  Melina!  Melina!

    They dive inside.

              Need a ride?

              The Last Resort!  Quick!


    Benny's cab scoots into traffic.

              You guys are going in circles.

    Richter and Helm run into the Hub; see the cab; shoot at it!

    The rear window of the taxi SHATTERS!

                        BENNY (CONT'D)
              Jesus!  Ya'll in trouble!

              Come on!

    Richter and Helm jump into their car and take off in pursuit,
    hitting a pedestrian.

    Benny's cab speed into a tunnel.

              Shut up and drive!

                        BENNY (CONT'D)
              Whatcha doin' to me, man?!  I got six
              kids to feed!

114 OMITTED                                                          114

115 EXT./INT. TUNNEL - DAY (LATE)                                    115

    Richter and Helm chase after Melina and Quaid.

              Faster!  Faster!

    Richter knocks out his window and fires at Quaid and Melina.
    They shoot back through the empty rear window frame.  Melina
    shoots the gun out of Richter's hand.

              Not bad, for a hooker.

              I'm not a hooker!  That's my cover.

116 EXT./INT. MINING HUB - DAY (LATE)                                116

    Benny's taxi jets out of the tunnel into the Mining Hub and
    swerves around a Mole.  Richter's car zooms into the Hub.
    He leans out the window again, only this time he has a MUCH

    Benny makes a wide turn and fishtails into the Venusville
    (Sector G) tube.  Helm makes a tighter turn and gains some
    ground.  Richter blasts away with his Big Gun as his car
    enters the tunnel.

117 EXT./INT. VENUSVILLE TUNNEL - DAY (LATE)                         117

    Benny's front windshield SHATTERS.  His taxi swerves out of

118 EXT./INT. VENUSVILLE PLAZA - DAY (LATE)                          118

    Benny's cab careens out of the tunnel, weaves through the
    crowded area, and crashes into Madame Fatima's psychic parlor.

118A INT. SHOPS - DAY (LATE)                                         118A

    Benny's cab plows through the psychic parlor and a STRIP
    JOINT, finally coming to a stop in a COURTYARD.

    Out in the street, Richter's car screeched to a halt.  He
    and Helm run out and wade through the wreckage.

              Follow us!

    Quaid, Melina and Benny scramble out of the cab and start
    running down a narrow alley.

              Aw, Christ!  Now they're after me!

118B EXT./INT. VENUSVILLE STREET - DAY (LATE)                        118B

    Melina, Quaid and Benny turn out of the alley onto a street.
    Richter and Helm follow a short distance back.  Before they
    can shoot, Melina, Quaid and Benny round the corner into the
    dead-end alley that leads to the Last Resort.

119 EXT. LAST RESORT - DAY (LATE)                                    119

    The Bartender holds open the door.  Melina, Quaid, and Benny
    dash inside.

120 INT. LAST RESORT - DAY (LATE)                                    120

    Melina leads Quaid and Benny through the crowd to the back of
    the brothel.


    With rehearsed precision, Tony opens a concealed panel in the
    rear wall.  Melina, Quaid and Benny charge through the secret
    doorway.  Quaid stops for just a moment, and faces Tony.

              Thank you Tony.

    Immediately, Tony and the Bartender close the panel, move the
    table into place, sit down, and manage to act non-chalant just
    as Richter and Helm charge inside, guns drawn.

              Spread out.

    The room falls quiet.  Richter and Helm wade into the club and
    look around.  SOLDIERS arrive and stand by the door.  Richter
    comes across Mary who's descending the stairs.

              What to have some fun?

              Where are they?

              What are you talking about.  I don't

    BANG!  Richter shoots Mary in the back.  Then he points his
    gun at Thumbelina and holds it on her.

              Maybe you know.

    Before she can respond, Tony comes from behind Richter and
    kicks the gun away.  Helm pivots to shoot Tony, when
    Thumbelina reaches up with a Bowie knife and guts Helm like a

              Kill 'em!

    Richter runs from the stairs to the front of the Last Resort
    through the crowd and kicking and hitting two miners on his
    way to the window.  He reaches the window and jumps through
    and escapes.

121                                                                  121
thru OMITTED                                                         thru
122                                                                  122

123 EXT. LAST RESORT - DAY (LATE)                                    123

    TEN SOLDIERS rush up just as Richter tumbles into the street.
    They cover his retreat with a rain of bullets.

    Richter dashes for cover behind a car  The soldiers exchange
    fire with rebels who snipe at them from inside the Last
    Resort.  Everett calls to Richter to come to the car and take
    a call on the videophone.

              Richter!  Call from Cohaagen.

              This is Richter sir...I've got them
              pinned down.

              Stop fighting and get out.

              They've got Quaid!  They're protecting

              Perfect!...Get out of Sector G.  Now.
              Don't think.  Do it.

              Yes, sir.

    Cohaagen hangs up.  Richter just shakes his head.

                   (to Everett)
              Pull them out.

              O.K., everybody pull out!

124                                                                  124
thru OMITTED                                                         thru
125                                                                  125

125A INT. MINING HUB - DAY (LATE)                                    125A

    Quaid, Melina and Benny arrive at the hub and head toward a
    tunnel on the far side of the plaza....SQURRCHANG!!  Down
    comes a fire door.  They rush to the next
    tunnel...SQURRCHANG!!!  Too late.  Now they really pour it on,
    and crouch, roll, and dive under the last door
    before...SQURRCHANG!!  The whole hub is sealed off.

126 EXT. VENUSVILLE PLAZA - DAY (LATE)                               126

    Soldiers finish backing into tunnels that lead to town.
    SQURRCHANG!!!  SQURRCHANG!!!  SQURRCHANG!!  Richter and his
    group back out last.  SQURRCHANG!!

    Venusville is sealed off.  The streets are empty and quiet.

    The rebels from the Last Resort cautiously come out of hiding
    and mill about the eerily deserted area.  Slowly, gradually,
    others join them.  Madame Fatima and her Little Girl stand in
    front of the giant fans.

    A mechanical SHUDDER startles everyone, and the ambient noise
    level of the area grows MARKEDLY QUIETER.  The breeze of the
    fans stops blowing Madame Fatima's hair.

    The fan blades slow down, condensing from a blur of motion
    into hard metal.  They come to a stop.

    Silence.  Dread.

127                                                                  127
thru OMITTED                                                         thru
128                                                                  128

129 INT. CATACOMBS - NIGHT                                           129

    DARKNESS.  A circle of light slides into frame, illuminating
    MUMMIFIED CORPSES that lie in niches in a tunnel wall.

130 INT. CATACOMBS - VARIOUS - NIGHT                                 130

    Melina leads Quaid and Benny through a labyrinth of narrow
    corridors honeycombed with open tombs.

    Benny lingers behind, examining the dried bodies.

              The first settlers are buried here.
              They worked themselves to death, but
              Cohaagen ended up with all the money.
              He built cheap domes and watched their
              kids turn into freaks.

              I saw them.

                   (from a distance)
              And if you wanna breathe, you gotta
              but his air.

              But maybe you can change all that.

                        BENNY (O.S.)
              I think my grampa might be here.

    While Benny stops to inspect a mummy, Melina and Quaid proceed
    alone into the next chamber.


              What can I do?

              Kuato's gonna make you remember a few
              things you knew when you were Hauser.

              Like what?

              All sorts of things.
              You might even remember you loved me.

              I don't need Kuato for that.

                   (glances back, dubious)
              Oh, since when?

    Quaid pulls Melina to him and stares into her eyes.

              Melina, I've been dreaming about you
              every night ...till I couldn't go on
              with my life.

    He kisses her passionately.  And they keep kissing.

    Behind them, some of the corpses start to move!  Slowly, they
    slide out of their niches and converge on Quaid and Melina,
    who are oblivious to their danger.  The zombies get closer
    and closer.

    Quaid and Melina opens their eyes and see the zombies!

                        MUTANT LIEUTENANT (O.S.)

    A MUTANT LIEUTENANT and another rebel walk out through a bank
    of niches which is actually a concealed door.

                        MUTANT LIEUTENANT
              Come on Melina.  Kuato's waiting.

    The zombies pulls of their masks, revealing normal rebel
    fighters with rifles slung behind them.

    At this point, Benny blithely rounds the corner and catches

              Well I didn't find him, but...Oh, shit!

    The rebels point their rifles at Benny, who freezes.

                        MUTANT LIEUTENANT
              Who's this?

              He helped us get away.

              Don't worry.  I'm on your side.

    Benny grabs his right arm and twists it off!  Underneath his
    prosthetic limb is a DEFORMED NUB with a few vestigial
    fingers.  The mutant Lieutenant and the others look with
    sympathy at Benny's handicap.  Benny then stretches out his
    arm, and an ADDITIONAL FOREARM unhinges like a Pterodactyl

    Even the mutant Lieutenant is grossed out -- and convinced.

              All right.  Let's go.

    The Lieutenant leads them through a narrow tunnel into the...

132 INT. SITUATION ROOM - NIGHT                                      132

    A large force of armed Rebels has assembled in platoons.
    The mood is very dark.  They stare at Quaid.

                   (to Benny)
              You wait here.
                   (to Quaid and Melina)
              Follow me.

    The Lieutenant escorts Quaid and Melina across the room to
    a table where the COMMANDING OFFICER and several other
    OFFICERS are gathered around a VIDEOPHONE.

    The Commanding Officer is George!  He communicates with Tony
    at the Last Resort.  Tony breathes with difficulty, as do
    the customers, staff, and children in the background.

              Drill through to Section M.

              We can't.  Cohaagen depressurized the
              tunnels.  And they're rigged to blow

    George looks over the monitor and sees that Quaid and Melina
    are being led over to him.

              Okay, sit tight.  Melina just got here
              with Quaid.

                   (gasps for a breath)
              I hope he was worth it.

              So do I.

    They exchange a solemn look, then George ends the call.  He
    turns to Melina and manages a faint smile.

              Glad you made it.

              You don't look so glad.

    George gets up from his desk.

              Cohaagen sealed up Venusville.  HE shut
              off all the air.

    Quaid and Melina are appalled.

                        GEORGE (CONT'D)
              You must know something pretty damn
              important, Quaid.  He wants you.

    Quaid and Melina look at each other, mortified.

                        GEORGE (CONT'D)
              If we don't hand you over, everybody
              in the sector'll be dead by morning.

              We don't have much choice then, do we?

              We can't turn him in...

              That's up to Kuato.
                   (to Quaid)
              Come with me, Quaid.

    George leads Quaid to a fortified door.

    George leads Quaid through the door, and the Lieutenant
    immediately closes it behind them.

133 INT. KUATO'S CHAMBER - NIGHT                                     133

    George and Quaid walk into a dark chamber, outfitted as an
    office with a desk and chairs.

              Sit down.

              Where's Kuato?

              On his way.

                        GEORGE (CONT'D)
              You heard the rumors about the Pyramid


              Cohaagen found something weird inside,
              and it's got him scared shitless.

              What, aliens?

              You tell me.

              I don't know.

              Yes, you do.  That's why we brought
              you here.  --  Cohaagen's big secret
              is buried in that black hole you call
              a brain.  And Kuato's  gonna dig it 

              You're Kuato, right?

                   (lets go of chair)
              Kuato's a mutant.  So don't get upset
              when you see him.

    George unbuttons his shirt, revealing...A SMALL SECOND HEAD

    Kuato's sleeping face is ancient yet infantile, and no bigger
    than a grapefruit.  His eyes open.  His toothless mouth

    Kuato/George holds out his/their hands.  Quaid reluctantly
    holds them.

    George closes his eyes and falls into a trance.  Kuato stares
    hypnotically at Quaid.  One of his eyes is abnormally large.

              What do you want, Mr. Quaid?

              Same as you.  To remember.

              But why?

              To be myself again.

              You are what you do.

    Kuato stares at Quaid, making sure he understands.

                        KUATO (CONT'D)
              A man is defined by his actions, not
              his memories.  Now take my hands.

    Quaid can't help looking into Kuato's large eye.  His gaze
    is caught and held.

                        KUATO (CONT'D)
              Now open you mind to me.  Please.
              Open your mind...
              Openyourmind... openyourmind... open
              your mind.

    QUAID'S POV;  ZOOMING into Kuato's large eye.  Quaid is
    reflected in the pupil.  ZOOMING in on Quaid's head, eye,
    pupil, darkness...



    (NOTE:  From here on, the sequence is a seamless P.O.V.
    journey through Quaid's mental landscape.)


    FOOTSTEPS and CONVERSATIONS echo in the distance.  LOOK DOWN
    and see PEOPLE walking far below on a FLIMSY BRIDGE that runs
    between the towers, over a dark, bottomless ABYSS.


    CAMERA WHOOSHES DOWN the side of the tower, UNDER the tower,
    which hangs suspended over a GLACIER.  The tower has no bottom
    casing.  Inside, we see an orderly pattern of large metal
    rods.  We hear vague conversation.

                        SCIENTIST A (O.S.)
              But once it starts, that's it.  We can't
              contain it.

                        SCIENTIST B (O.S.)
              The chain reaction could spread to all
              the turbinium in the crust.


    WHOOSHING OVER AND UP to the bridge:  Cohaagen, Richter, and
    TWO SCIENTISTS are walking toward a tower.

              I say we throw the switch and see what

              Don't be an idiot.

                        SCIENTIST B
              We're talking meltdown here.

    FOLLOW the group through a peeled-back section of the tower
    casing into the interior.

138 INT. REACTOR (MIND PROBE) - VARIOUS TIMES                        138

    INSIDE THE TOWER are the metal rods which we saw from below.
    Up close they are gigantic, like a forest of shiny Sequoias.

                        SCIENTIST A
              Meltdown on a planetary scale.

              Don't you think whoever built this thing
              thought of that?

              Who knows what the hell they thought.
              They weren't human.

    CAMERA veers away from the group on its own exploration of
    the structure.  The voices become increasingly vague.

                        SCIENTIST A (O.S.)
              Maybe it's a trap.  Maybe they want

                        COHAAGEN (O.S.)
              We're not sure this piece o' junk will
              even work.  What is it, a million, half
              a million...?

                        SCIENTIST B
              About a half a million.

                        COHAAGEN (O.S.)
              Half a million years old.

139 INT. REACTOR (MIND PROBE) - VARIOUS TIMES                        139

    CAMERA tilts away from the group and looks toward the top
    of the tower, which rises seemingly forever.

    The POV SOARS UP, up, up the side of the tower to a LEDGE
    at the very top.  POV SWOOPS over the ledge into...


    A CONTROL ROOM.  Five identical PILLBOX structures are
    arranged in a circle like some alien Stonehenge.  CAMERA
    approaches a ROUND STONE ALTAR in the center of the room.

                        KUATO (O.S.)

    Moving closer, hovering directly above the altar which has
    been sculpted with the IMPRINT OF A HAND.

                        KUATO (O.S.)

    TRACK TOWARD the round center of the altar, as is drawn into
    it.  The IMAGE starts to VIBRATE.  LOW-PITCHED RUMBLING fills
    the soundtrack.  The circle of the altar MATCH DISSOLVES INTO:

141 INT. KUATO'S CHAMBER - NIGHT                                     141

    ...a rapid PULL BACK from the iris of Quaid's eye.  He snaps
    awake and sees a mining mole drilling through a stone wall
    into Kuato's chamber!  (The VIBRATION and RUMBLING from the
    dream continue.) Kuato/George sits motionless, still in a
    trance.  Quaid shakes George's shoulders.

              Wake up!  Snap out of it!

    George wakes from his trance and sees the advancing mole.



    The mining mole crashes through the wall.  Quaid pulls George
    toward the concealed door.  George closes his shirt over
    Kuato's head.  Quaid swings the door open, and they run out.

142 INT. SITUATION ROOM - NIGHT                                      142

              They found us!  Everybody out!


    CHAOS!  Moles are drilling through the stone walls:  Entrances
    for more soldiers.  Freedom fighters retreat in all
    directions.  Quaid grabs Melina.  The mole backs up to let
    soldiers into the situation room.

              George!  Get out!

              There's an airlock.

    George runs after them into the tunnel as the Lieutenant
    covers the retreat.  Quaid and Melina follow.

              Come on Benny!  Let's go!

    Benny runs after them into the tunnel.  The Lieutenant is

143 OMITTED                                                          143

144 INT. CONNECTING CHAMBER/AIR LOCK - NIGHT                         144

    The group arrives at an AIR LOCK.  It looks like they might
    actually get away.  They run inside.  Quaid closes the door.


              Put these on.  We're going outside.

    As Quaid starts to put on a spacesuit, he hears GUNSHOTS next
    to him,inside the airlock.  He sees George's body jerking to
    the staccato report of gunfire.

    Benny is the villain, in full control of his rifle.

    Quaid lunges for Benny, but before he can grab him, Benny
    takes Melina hostage, with his gun pointed at her head.


    Quaid and Melina can hardly believe their eyes.  Benny breaks
    into a wide smile.

                        BENNY (CONT'D)
              Congratulations, Quaid.  You led us
              right to him.

    Quaid and Melina are devastated.  After a moment, Quaid kneels
    down to examine George/Kuato's lifeless form.

              How could you do this?  You're a mutant.

              Hey, I got four kids to feed.

              What happened to number five?

              Ah, shit.  You got me.  I ain't even
                   (suddenly fierce)
              Now put your fucking hands in the air!

    As Quaid complies with the order, Benny edges over and
    vigorously kicks open the bolt on the airlock door.  He's not
    the geek he seemed to be.

    Richter and soldiers are approaching in the tunnel and enter
    the airlock.

    Kuato, barely alive, gags out a word.


    Quaid leans close as Richter and solders comes to a stop.

              Forget it, bro.  His fortune telling
              days are over.

    Kuato grabs Quaid's collar and pulls him nearer.

              Start the reactor...Free Mars.

    A burst of gunfire finishes off Kuato.  Quaid spins around
    angrily and finds a rifle pointed directly in his face.
    Richter stands at the airlock door, holding the gun.  He wants
    to pull the trigger real bad.

              Mr. Cohaagen would like to talk to you.

146 INT. COHAAGEN'S OFFICE - NIGHT                                   146

    A SHEET lies over a body.

                        COHAAGEN (O.S.)
              So this is the great man.

    A hand pulls back the sheet, revealing George/Kuato's dead
    body on a conference table.

    Cohaagen grimaces as he looks at the mutant.

              No wonder he kept out of sight.

    Richter, Benny, and several Security Police stand guard over
    Quaid and Melina, who are securely shackled.  Outside the
    picture windows, the city lights twinkle under a threatening
    violet sky.  Various scenes of suffocation in Venusville play
    on a bank of TV MONITORS.

    Cohaagen turns away and recovers his ebullient mood as he
    comes over to Quaid and claps him on the shoulder.

              Well, my boy, you're a hero.

              Fuck you.

              Don't be modest.  Kuato's dead; the
              Resistance has been completely wiped
              out; and you were the key to the whole

    Melina's face hardens.

              He's lying.

              You two-faced-bastard.

    She spits at Quaid.  Cohaagen pulls out his handkerchief and
    daubs away the saliva.

                   (to Melina)
              You can't blame him, angel.  He's
              innocent.  That's the beauty of it.

    Cohaagen enjoys Melina's and Quaid's confusion.

                        COHAAGEN (CONT'D)
              You see, Quaid, none of my people could
              get close to Kuato.  The fucking mutants
              could always sniff us out.  So Hauser
              and I sat down and invented you: the
              perfect mole.

              He's lying.  Hauser turned against

              That's what we wanted you to think.
              The fact is, Hauser volunteered to
              become Doug Quaid. It was the only way
              to fool the psychics.

              Get your story straight.
                   (points to Richter)
              This idiot's been trying to kill me
              since I went to Rekall.  --You don't
              kill somebody you're trying to plant.

              He wasn't in on it.  You set him off
              by going to Rekall.

              So why am I still alive?

              We gave you lots of help.
              Benny here...

              My pleasure, man.

    Benny holds up his artificial limbs and reveals a blinking
    homing device.

              The guy with the suitcase; the mask;
              the money; the message form Hauser...All
              of that was set up by us.

              Sorry.  Too perfect.

              Perfect, my ass!  --You pop your memory
              cap before we can activate you.  Then
              Richter goes hod wild, screwing up
              everything I spent a year planning.
              --Frankly, I'm amazed is worked.

    Quaid shakes his head, as if impressed.

              Well, Cohaagen, I have to hand it to
              you...This is the best mindfuck yet.

              Don't take my word for it, Quaid.
              Someone you trust wants to talk to you.

              Who is it this time--my mother?

    Cohaagen turns on the HOLOVISION.  HAUSER appears on the
    screen in the same clothes and setting as in the previous
    disk message.

              Howdy, Quaid.  If you're listening to
              this, that means Kuato's dead and you
              led us to him.  I knew you wouldn't
              let me down.
              Sorry for all the shit I put you
              through.  But hey, what are friends

    Quaid's last wall of resistance crumbles.

                        HAUSER (CONT'D)
              I'd like to wish you happiness and long
              life, old buddy, but unfortunately
              that's not gonna happen.  You see,
              that's my body you've got there, and,
              well...I want it back.

    Quaid is chilled.

                        HAUSER (CONT'D)
              Sorry to be an Indian giver, but I was
              here first.  --So, adios, amigo, and
              thanks for not getting yourself killed.

    Cohaagen steps into frame behind Hauser and lays a hand on
    his shoulder.  Together they smile and wave good-bye to Quaid.

                        HAUSER (CONT'D)
              Maybe we'll meet in our dreams.  You
              never know.

    The videodisc message ends.  Cohaagen beams, proud of himself.
    Quaid, in shock, looks at Melina.

147 INT. COHAAGEN'S IMPLANT LAB - NIGHT                              147

    Quaid and Melina are brought into the Implant Lab and strapped
    into chairs that makes Rekall seem amateurish.

    Cohaagen and Richter watch with glee as a DOCTOR and SIX
    ASSISTANTS prepare for the re-programming operation.  Melina
    already has an IV drip in the back of her hand.  Quaid bucks
    and struggles as a technician inserts the needle in his hand.

              Ready to go, sir.

              Relax, Quaid.  You'll like being Hauser.

              The guy's a fucking asshole.

              Not true, he's one of my best
              friends...He's got a big house and a
              Mercedes.  And you like Melina, right?
                   (leans close)
              Well, you'll get to fuck her every
              night.--That's right.  She's gonna be
              Hauser's babe.

              I'll kill him first.

              Unh-un, princess.  We're having you
              fixed.  You'll be respectful and
              compliant and appreciative, just the
              way a woman should be.

    Melina spits at Cohaagen.


    Quaid struggles angrily against his shackles.  A call comes
    in on the VIDEOPHONE.

              Get me Mr. Cohaagen.

              Mr. Cohaagen, for you.

    Cohaagen turns impatiently to the videophone screen, where
    a nervous TECHNICIAN stands at the AIR PUMPING STATION in
    front of a wall of dials and gauges.

              What is it?

              Sir, the oxygen level is bottoming out
              in Sector G.  What do you want me to
              do about it?

                   (as if obvious)
              Don't do anything.

              They can't last an hour, sir.

    Cohaagen presses a button on the videophone and switches TCHK
    - TCHK - TCHK to THREE QUICK VIEWS of people suffocating in
    Venusville.  TCHK.  He switches back to the phone call.

              Fuck 'em.  It'll be a lesson to the

    TCHK.  He hangs up.

              Come on, Cohaagen!  You got what you
              want.  Give these people air!

              My friend, five minutes from now, you
              won't give a shit about the people.
                   (to Doctor)
              Fire it up, Doc.

    The Doctor turns on the machine, which starts to WHINE.
    Cohaagen heads for the door and signals to Richter.

              Excuse me, Doctor, you mean he's not
              going to remember any of this?

              Not a thing.

              I see.

    Richter thinks for a moment...then WHAM!  He slugs Quaid
    square in the face.

    Cohaagen turns around at the door and sees the two men staring
    hatefully at each other.

              Quaid, I'm having a little party
              tonight.  Why don't you and Melina drop
              by, say around nine-ish.
                   (to Doctor)
              You'll remind him, Doc?

    Pre-occupies with his work, the Doctor answers absently.


              See you at the party.

    Cohaagen and Richter leave the lab, mightily amused.

    The WHINING noise now becomes truly terrifying.  Quaid and
    Melina concentrate to fight the effects of the re-programming.

              Keep still.  Fighting just makes it

    Quaid bucks against the HELMET AND FOUR SETS OF METAL BRACKETS
    which bind his arms and legs (FIVE HANDICAPS).

                        DOCTOR (CONT'D)
              If you don't keep still, you'll end
              up psychotic.

    Quaid thrashes about in his chair.  The screws holding the
    chair together start to loosen.

    In adrenaline overdrive, Quaid rips the right armrest from
    the chair.  It hangs from his forearm like an unwieldy splint.
    (One of five handicaps is gone.)

    The Doctor rushes over.  Quaid swings the armrest and drives
    a long exposed bolt through the Doctor's throat.

    Assistant 1 grabs Quaid's forearm.  Quaid curls him into a
    one-armed hug and snaps his neck.

    Quaid lifts the helmet from his head.  (Two of five handicaps
    are gone.)  Assistant 2, behind him, grabs his wrist.  Quaid
    grips #2's hair and pulls him forward, over his shoulder.
    #2's head lands between Quaid's knees.  Quaid cracks his skull
    like a walnut.

    Quaid reaches over and releases the bracket over his left
    wrist. (Three handicaps down; two remain)  But Assistants
    3-5 converge on him, holding down his arms.

    Quaid sees that Melina is still fighting her brainwashing.

              Hold on!

    Assistant 6 charges with a long metal pole.  Quaid pulls #5 in
    front of him, like a shield.  #5 is skewered.

    Quaid flings #5 aside, reaches down, unshackles one ankle,
    and immediately kicks #3 in the balls.

    Quaid stands up with only one leg still shackled.

    #6 and #4 bait Quaid like a bear, using the pole and a fireax.
    Quaid grabs the bole from #6 and uses it to block the ax.
    He then bends to unfasten the last ankle bracket.  The fireax
    comes arching down at him.

    Quaid leaps clear just as the fireax lodges in the chair.

    Now free and unhandicapped, Quaid faces #6.  He sidesteps
    a thrust, grabs the pole, and thrusts it into #6's head.
    It goes in one temple and out the other.

    Immediately, Quaid pulls off Melina's helmet.

    Number 4 (the ax man) activates an ALARM and makes a run for
    the door.  Quaid swings the pole, tripping 4 so that he lands
    directly on his nose.

    As ALARMS SCREAM, Quaid runs to Melina and begins releasing
    her from her many shackles.

              Are you all right?  Are you still you?

              I'm not sure dear?  What do you think?

    Quaid is aghast.  Melina kisses him.

                        MELINA (CONT'D)
              Let's get the hell out of here!

    Relieved, Quaid flips the last buckle.  Melina steps out of
    her chair, Quaid grabs the ax and they run.

148 INT. CORRIDOR - LAB TO ELEVATOR - NIGHT                          148

    ALARMS blare.  Quaid and Melina run through the hallway for
    the elevators.  Quaid goes to the right, Melina to the left.
    Quaid throws the axe to Melina.  The elevator doors open, two
    soldiers are inside and start to exit.  Quaid hits the first
    soldier on the right, knocking him down and out.  Melina axes
    the second soldier on the left in the stomach and he goes
    down.  Then run into the elevator after taking the guns from
    the dead soldiers.  As the doors close they are each taking
    a flashlight off the back wall of the elevator.

              The lamps!

149 INT. COHAAGEN'S OFFICE - PRE-DAWN                                149

    Back to camera, Cohaagen stands in front of a wall of glass
    and stares out at the city and landscape, bathed in dark
    purple light.  The horizon is pink, signaling the approach
    of dawn.  The ALARMS WAIL in the background, muffled but

                        RICHTER (O.S.)
              Well, sir?

    Cohaagen thinks for a moment, then answers flatly without
    turning around.

              Kill him.

                        RICHTER (CONT'D)
                   (to himself)
              It's about goddamn time.

    Richter dashes out.

    Cohaagen looks at his pet goldfish swimming harmlessly in
    its bowl.  He peevishly sweeps the bowl off its stand.  It
    falls to the floor and smashes to bits.  The goldfish
    flounders desperately, unable to breathe.

150 INT. MINE TUNNEL/ELEVATOR LANDING - PRE-DAWN                     150

    The elevator doors open.  Quaid and Melina, holding
    flashlights, run out in opposite directions.

              Where are you going?!

              The reactor.

              What reactor?!

              The one in the mine!

              People are dying, Quaid!!  Stop!!
                   (digs in)
              We've got to get air!!

    Quaid snaps her to him and grips her shoulders.

              The reactor makes air!
              That's Cohaagen's secret!

    Quaid lets go of Melina.

                        QUAID (CONT'D)
              Now come on.

    They start running.  The passage is strewn with tools,
    drillhammers, and other equipment which lie on the ground, as
    if abandoned in a panic.   Melina is still perplexed.

              Where's this "reactor" come from?

              Aliens built it.


151 INT. INTERSECTION TUNNEL/DEAD END - PRE-DAWN                     151

              You sure about this?

              It's just up ahead.

    Quaid's flashlight reveals that the tunnel abruptly comes
    to a DEAD END just up ahead.  He is dumbfounded.

    VROARRR!  Quaid and Melina are bathed in the bright light of
    a Mole, which rumbles past the intersecting tunnel, blocking
    any possibility of escape.  Its 7-foot/diameter CENTRAL DRILL
    spins at full speed.  Quaid and Melina back away, firing.

151A INT. CABIN OF MOLE - PRE-DAWN                                    151A

    Benny gleefully directs the mole form a cabin at the rear.  He
    steers with the aid of several video monitors.  One of them
    shows Quaid and Melina fleeing, just ahead of the tip of the
    drill.  Quaid and Melina run out of ammunition.  Quaid throws
    his gun aside, sees a drillhammer lying on the ground and
    grabs it.

                   (into microphone)
              Quaid!  Hey, Quaid!  Remember me?
              Benny!  Benny's the name.  I'm gonna
              git you sucker!  You ain't goin'

    Benny guns the central drill:  VROOM!  VROOOOOM!!  In the
    tunnel, Quaid and Melina hear Benny's amplified voice from
    inside the mole.

              Go ahead, hurt me!  Give me your best
              shot.  Give it to me!  I can take it,
              fuck!  Shit!  Fuck!  Goddamn it!

    Quaid attacks the mole with the drill.  Quaid's arms and
    shoulders are lacerated on both sides by the drills.  In a
    final daring thrust, Quaid drives the drillhammer into a
    cable.  SPLURG!  Black hydraulic fluid gushes all over Quaid,
    and the central drill grinds to a halt.  GRGGRRGRR  -- the
    tip of the central drill chews into the stone wall.  Melina
    is trapped in a tiny recess to the right.  Quaid is penned
    into a slightly larger cul-de-sac to the left.

              Hey Quaid!  You gonna bite the big one!
              Eat me!  Eat me!  Hey, Melina, how does
              it feel?  I'm comin' baby, I'm coming
              for you!

    Benny throws a fit inside the Mole and jams it into reverse.

              What the fuck?!  Goddamn sonovabitchin'
              piece of Martian junk.  I'll back up!
              I'll back up!  I'll crush you!  Quaid,
              I'm gonna squash you!

    Melina checks out the hole in the wall made my the mole.
    As the Mole backs up, Quaid slips under the retracting side
    drill, squeezes between the mole and the side wall of the
    tunnel, and sidles his way to the back of the machine.

    Benny shifts into drive and checks his monitors:  There's
    Melina.  Where's Quaid?

              Quaid!  Where are you?  Where the fuck
              are you?

    Quaid arrives at the back of the Mole, jumps onto a "running
    board" at the side of the cabin, and starts drilling.

              Benny!  Screw you!

    Inside the Mole, Benny is disturbed by a curious high-pitched
    whine that cuts through the roaring and grinding.

    The drill penetrates the door of the cabin and bores into
    Benny's chest.  The spinning tip of the drill emerges from
    his back.  Quaid pulls the drill back out and drops it.

              Quaid!  Get over here!

    Quaid runs over and joins her at the wall.  She points into
    the cone.

              There's an opening.

    An open HOLE is in the stone wall.

    Quiad looks through it.  A dimly lighted object is visible
    in the distance.

              I knew it!

    Quaid climbs through the hole, followed by Melina...

152 INT. REACTOR CAVERN/ABYSS - PRE-DAWN                             152

    ...and gets his first look at the alien reactor.

    Quaid moves through the hole and continues down a tunnel which
    quickly widens, affording a panoramic view of a great wonder:
    The alien reactor glimpsed in Quaid's mind probe!

    Hundreds of geometric columns hand suspended in a graceful
    draping pattern, like metal stalactites in a vast mechanical
    cavern built by giants.  The titanic construction is organized
    into four groupings which radiate from a central core.

    Quaid stares with wonder and awe.  Melina appears next to
    him, even more impressed.  They look up at the alien reactor.
    The columns extend seemingly forever into the dark recesses
    of the hollowed-out mountain.

                        QUAID (O.S.)
              It's all one big reactor made out of

    Quaid and Melina are standing at the edge of a steep cliff,
    next to the footings of a flimsy BRIDGE of human design.
    The bridge stretches from the cave wall, over an abyss, to
    the core of the reactor.

                        QUAID (CONT'D)
              Cohaagen knows it makes air.  But the
              bastard won't turn it on.

              Of course not.  If Mars had an
              atmosphere, he's lose control.

152A                                                                 152A
thru OMITTED                                                         thru
154                                                                  154

155 INT. REACTOR CAVERN/BRIDGE - PRE-DAWN                            155

    Quaid starts climbing the footings toward the bridge, some
    eighteen feet above.  Melina follows him up the girders.

              Ya see down there...It's a glacier.

    They are precariously balance over a seemingly bottomless

                        QUAID (CONT'D)
              The whole core of Mars is ice.  The
              reactor melts it and releases oxygen.

              Enough for everybody to breathe?

156 INT. REACTOR CAVERN/BRIDGE - PRE-DAWN                            156

    Quaid pulls himself onto the bridge, then reaches down and
    lifts Melina.


    Standing on the walkway, they look up at the gargantuan
    reactor which looms ahead of them like Valhalla at the end
    of the Asgaard Bridge.

                        QUAID (CONT'D)
              If we turn it on in time.

    They start walking toward the reactor.

157 EXT. VENUSVILLE - DAWN                                           157

    Pan down from the PINK SKY as seen through the dome, to the
    streets of Venusville, lined with suffocating people who have
    gathered to face the end together.  Madame Fatima and her
    daughter wait with the others.

158 INT. LAST RESORT - DAY                                           158

    Tony, the Bartender, Thumbelina and others lie prostrate on
    the floor and on beds, gasping for breath.

159 OMITTED                                                          159

159A INT. COHAAGEN'S OFFICE - DAWN                                   159A

    A GOLDFISH flounders on the floor, among the broken glass,
    unable to breathe.

160 INT. REACTOR CAVERN/BRIDGE - DAY                                 160

    Quaid and Melina head down a walkway which is bordered by
    an avenue of spectacular floating towers.

161 OMITTED                                                          161

162 INT. REACTOR - DAY                                               162

    Richter gives a "get ready" signal to THIRTY SOLDIERS who
    lie in wait to ambush Quaid and Melina as soon as they come

              Come on.  Let's go.

    The soldiers spread out among the huge metal Sequoias that
    extend down through the floor like pegs through a pegboard.

163 INT. REACTOR CAVERN/BRIDGE TO TOWER - DAY                        163

    Quaid and Melina approach the opening in the tower as seen
    in Quaid's mind probe.  Quaid signals Melina to stay back.
    He steps forward.

164 INT. REACTOR - DAY                                               164

    Richter's people stare at the opening, waiting for Quaid to
    enter.  He steps into view.  Richter's soldiers reveal

    fire.  Quaid collapses.  They step forward in a tightening
    circle, emptying thousands of rounds into his body.

    He reacts to the shots and goes down on his knees  --  but
    he's not dead.  He stands up, laughs at the soldiers and
    starts to walk away.

              Son of a bitch!  He's got a hologram.
              Spread out!

    Quaid walks into one of the columns and disappears.  The real
    Quaid appears and mows down a lot of the soldiers with

    Melina runs in to join Quaid shooting at soldiers.  Then they
    split up, Quaid running one way, Melina the other.

    Quaid kills two soldiers as he runs into the columns.  Quaid
    and his hologram appear at either side of a column.

165 INT. REACTOR - DAY                                               165

    Quaid moves along among the columns and runs into three
    soldiers.  He starts laughing.

              You think this is the real Quaid?  Well
              it is.

    Quaid then shoots them down and runs off.

    Melina and Quaid come together at one of the columns, cross
    each other and then go their separate ways.  She now has the
    hologram watch.  Melina runs to another column, peeks around,
    gets shot at, then goes to the other side of the column.

166 INT. REACTOR - NEAR ELEVATOR - DAY                               166

    A SOLDIER HERE and a SOLDIER THERE see her walking.  They
    both open fire.  The bullets pass through "Melina", and they
    shoot each other.

    Quaid and Melina meet up.  Melina throws the hologram watch
    back to him.  Quaid takes the hologram watch and runs up the
    middle of a row of columns.  Richter runs across in front of
    him and fires and misses.  Two soldiers pop out behind him
    and Melina kills them.  Quaid continues after Richter.

167 OMITTED                                                          167

168 INT. REACTOR CORE - DAY                                          168

    Richter sprints onto an open FREIGHT ELEVATOR at the far end
    of the area.  The elevator starts to rise.  Quaid jumps onto
    the elevator and drags Richter to the floor.

    Melina runs over too late and watches the elevator ascend
    at incredible speed with Quaid hanging below.

    Richter and Quaid wrestle savagely on the floor, trying to
    force each other over the side.  Richter lodges his foot in
    a hole in the floor and shoves Quaid's head over the edge.

    Quaid looks up.  YAAA!  The elevator is approaching a hole
    Cohaagen cut in the metal shell which encloses the bunch of
    columns.  The hole is exactly big enough for the elevator
    to pass through.  Anything extended beyond the boundaries
    of the elevator--like Quaid's head--will be sliced off!

    Quaid summons all his strength and throws Richter and himself
    back into the elevator without a nanosecond to spare.  As
    the elevator passes through the hole cut in the metal, a sharp
    edge guillotines Richter's rifle in half.  Nasty.

    The elevator emerges in a narrow space between two concentric
    curved walls.  The adversaries exchange blows.  Richter knocks
    Quaid down, then rushes at him.  Quaid flips Richter over
    the side!

    But Richter grabs Quaid's wrists and drags Quaid with him.

    Quaid's foot catches a crater in the floor and halts their
    mutual slide to death.  He hangs over the side, bend at the
    waist, supporting Richter who dangles from his wrists.

    Quaid struggles to pull himself back inside, but Richter
    bounces up and down, pulling Quaid further out.

              You're goin' with me!

    The elevator rapidly approaches another guillotine-hole cut
    in the metal platform.

    Richter pulls at Quaid.  Quaid slips.  He gropes for another
    foothold.  The metal edges are about to cut him in half.

    Quaid's searching foot finds a hole.  He pulls back...

    The metal edges sweep by.

    AGAAGHGGHGGHAA!  A cry of pain.

    The elevator comes to a halt.  CHUNGGG!

    Quaid lies on the floor, intact.  Still gripping his
    wrists...are Richter's severed hands.

              See you at the party.

    Richter falls to his death, SCREEEEEEEEAMMMmmiinnnggg...
    Quaid walks to the other side of the elevator and rides up
    amid the columns.

169                                                                  169
thru OMITTED                                                         thru
172                                                                  172

173 INT. REACTOR CORE/CONTROL ROOM - DAY                             173

    Quaid walks out of the elevator onto a platform and finds
    himself in the CONTROL ROOM from Kuato's mind probe.  The
    elevator closes behind him and descends.

    Quaid walks toward the round altar in the center of the room.
    At the center of the altar is the emblem of an open hand.
    Quaid reaches out for the mythic symbol.

    A light hits him and he stops his hand.  Quaid looks up and
    sees Cohaagen step into the light, holding a gun.

              Don't touch that!  Get away!  Get back!

    Cohaagen signals Quaid away from the altar.  He backs off.

              What are you afraid of?  Turn it on.

                        COHAAGEN (CONT'D)
              Impossible.  Once the reaction starts,
              it'll spread to all the turbinium in
              the planet.  Mars will go into global
              meltdown.--That's why the aliens never
              turned it on.

              Do you expect me to believe you?

              Who gives a shit what you believe?
              In thirty seconds, you'll be dead.
              Then I'll blow this place up...

    Cohaagen shows Quaid a detonator in his left hand and points
    with his gun to an explosive charge near the altar.

              ...and be home in time for corn flakes.

    Quaid makes a sudden move toward the emblem.  BANG!  Cohaagen
    shoots and hits the altar near Quaid.  Quaid freezes.

              I didn't want it to end this way.  I
              wanted Hauser back.  But nooo.  You
              had to be Quaid.

              I am Quaid.

              You're nothing!  You're nobody!  You're
              a stupid dream.
                   (takes aim)
              Well all dreams come to an end.

    CLOSE ON:  A GUN.  The trigger is squeezed.  The sound of

    Cohaagen is blown to the floor, hit in the shoulder and arm.
    He drops his gun and the detonator.

    Melina stands by the elevator.

    Cohaagen reaches for the detonator.

    Quaid runs to the explosive charge, grabs it, and throws it,
    while Melina runs to Cohaagen.   Cohaagen activates the

174 INT. REACTOR CORE/CAVERN - DAY                                   174

    THE CHARGE sails out of the control room and explodes near
    the surrounding metal wall.  Melina falls back from the blast
    of the bomb.

175 INT. REACTOR CORE/CONTROL ROOM/CAVERN - DAY                      175

    INSTANT TORNADO.  Quaid, Melina and Cohaagen are all sucked
    toward the hole, Cohaagen gets a grip on the altar.  Melina
    grabs at the edge of the platform but gets sucked toward the
    altar.  Melina gets sucked around the altar and grips a light
    stand that is wedged into the altar.

    Sucked through the air toward the hole, Quaid desperately
    snatches a length of cable.  HWANG!  His flight jerks to a

    Anchored, Quaid makes a Herculean effort to climb UP THE CABLE
    against the powerful wind.

                   (screams to be heard)
              Don't do it!  They'll die!  Everybody'll

    Quaid pulls himself to the edge of the altar, grabs Cohaagen's
    arm and yanks him off the altar.

              You first.

    Caught by the suction, Cohaagen goes flying toward the hole in
    the wall, where he disappears.

175A EXT. PYRAMID MOUNTAIN - DAY                                     175A

    Cohaagen rockets out of the hole in the side of the mountain
    and drops on the sandy slope.  HHHhhnnh!  His breath is sucked
    from his lungs and he starts to decompress.

175B INT. CONTROL ROOM - DAY                                         175B

    Quaid summons all his strength and reaches for the emblem.
    He fits his hand into the alien imprint.

    The sphere glows and descends into the altar.  An awesome
    low-pitches rumble shakes the control room.

    Quaid can't hold on any longer and gets sucked out the hole,
    followed immediately by Melina.

    The light streams out of the hole where the sphere descended.

176 INT. REACTOR/BOTTOM OF TOWER - DAY                               176

    Dozens of gleaming turbinium columns drop from their sheathes.

177 INT. REACTOR CAVERN/GLACIER - DAY                                177

    Richter's splattered, handless body lies on the ice.  Rods
    descend into the "pegholes" all around him.

178                                                                  178
thru OMITTED                                                         thru
179                                                                  179

180 INT. REACTOR CAVERN/GLACIER - DAY                                180

    The rods glow red, and ice melts around them.  Chucks of ice
    and debris are sucked up in the vacuum.

181 OMITTED                                                          181

182 EXT. PYRAMID MOUNTAIN - DAY                                      182

    Cohaagen's eyeballs rupture and his brain sprouts through
    his ears.

183 INT. REACTOR CAVERN/GLACIER - DAY                                183

    The whole melting glacier glows red from the incandescence
    of the rods.  Water boils around the rods, releasing a STORM
    OF STEAM.  Richter's body bobs on an ice floe.

184 INT. REACTOR CORE/CONTROL ROOM - DAY                             184

    The room is now filled with a tornado of STEAM.

185 INT. REACTOR CAVERN/GLACIER - DAY                                185

    More shit is disgorged.  Richter.

186 OMITTED                                                          186

187 INT. REACTOR CAVERN/GLACIER - DAY                                187

    The glacier is now a roiling lake-sized Jacuzzi.  It glows
    BLUE.  Steam erupts from the surface like an inverted

188 OMITTED                                                          188

189 EXT. PYRAMID MOUNTAIN - DAY                                      189

    Quaid and Melina drop to the side of the volcano.

    HHhhhhhhhhh.  The air is drawn out of their lungs, and they
    gasp for breath.

190 INT. REACTOR CORE/CONTROL ROOM - DAY                             190

    Steam builds up under enormous pressure.  Walls start to

191 EXT. PYRAMID MOUNTAIN - DAY                                      191

    BOOMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!   The top of the mountain blows off
    under the enormous pressure of the steam.

192 INT. HILTON HOTEL - DAY                                          192

    The dome shatters and crashes down.  The people collapse in
    the agony of instant depressurization.

193 EXT. PYRAMID MOUNTAIN - DAY                                      193

    Quaid and Melina are agonizing in depressurization when they
    are hit by a blast of steam and air from the exploding
    mountain.  Geysers of steam sprout around them.

194 EXT. VENUSVILLE PLAZA - DAY                                      194

    The dome shatters and crashes down.  The people collapse in
    the agony of instant depressurization, including Madame Fatima
    and her daughter.

195 INT. VENUSVILLE - DAY                                            195

    Moments from death, our rebels hear the explosion, and fell
    the effects of depressurization.

196 EXT. MARS LANDSCAPE/PYRAMID MOUNTAIN - DAY                       196

    PANORAMA.  A mammoth geyser of steam and gas sprays out of
    the pinnacle of the Pyramid Mine like a white volcano.  The
    spray forms a WHITE CLOUD directly over the mountain.

197 EXT. PYRAMID MOUNTAIN - DAY                                      197

    Quaid's and Melina's eyes bulge.  They reach out for each

    They find each other's hands and hold tight, preparing to
    die together.  They look up and see a vision of heaven.

    The sky is blue.  The white cloud engulfs them.

    They can breathe!  They stand and walk toward the blue sky.

198 INT. LAST RESORT - DAY                                           198

    Gasping for breath, the rebels find air!  They can

199 INT. HILTON HOTEL - DAY                                          199

    Everybody can breathe!

200 OMITTED                                                          200

201 EXT. VENUSVILLE PLAZA - DAY                                      201

    Everybody can breathe, including Madame Fatima and daughter!

202 EXT. MARS LANDSCAPE/PYRAMID MOUNTAIN - DAY                       202

    PANORAMA.  The cloud expands in all directions.  Blue sky
    drives out the red.

203 EXT. PYRAMID MOUNTAIN - DAY                                      203

    Quaid and Melina stand on the side of the mountain and hold
    each other.  They see the cloud spread over the city, and
    they behold what they have wrought.

204 INT. HILTON HOTEL - DAY                                          204

    People stand and look through the shattered dome framework
    at the new blue sky.

205 OMITTED                                                          205

206 EXT. VENUSVILLE PLAZA - DAY                                      206

    Madame Fatima, her daughter, and the others look up to the
    blue sky seen through the dome windows.

207 EXT. MARS LANDSCAPE - DAY                                        207

    VARIOUS SHOTS of blue sky over Mars.

208 EXT. PYRAMID MINE - DAY                                          208

    Quaid and Melina walk hand in hand up the slope, gazing in awe
    at the billowing clouds in the new blue sky.

              Quaid, I can't believe it...It's like
              a dream.

    On hearing her words, Quaid's expression turns grim and

                        MELINA (CONT'D)
              What's wrong?

              I just has a terrible thought...What
              is this is all a dream?

              Then kiss me quick...before you wake

    Melina offers her lips.  Quaid takes her in his arms.  And
    they KISS.

                        THE END
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