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Kafka (1991) by Lem Dobbs. Final script.

Kalifornia (1993) by Tim Metcalfe. Based on a story by Stephen Levy and Tim Metcalfe. Shooting draft.

Kate & Leopold (2001) by James Mangold and Steven Rogers. Based on a story by Steven Rogers.

Kids (1995) by Harmony Korine.

Kids (1995) transcript by Harmony Korine. Transcript.

Kill Bill (2003) by Quentin Tarantino. Draft script.

Killing Zoe (1994) by Roger Avary.

King of Comedy (1983) by Paul D. Zimmerman. December 15, 1976 draft.

Klute (1971) by Andy and Dave Lewis.

Kramer vs. Kramer (1979) by Robert Benton. Based on the novel by Avery Corman. Revised Third Draft. July 14, 1978.

Kundun (1997) by Melissa Mathison. 16 October 1992.

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